NuBest Tall Kids – Multivitamins and Multi-minerals for Kids from 2 to 9 Years Old to Grow Taller – Berry Flavor - 90 Chewable Tablets

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Target nutrition for proper growth & development of kids: NuBest Tall Kids 90 chewable tablets is a nutritional supplement formulated by U.S. Medical Doctors to boost up height growth and overall wellness of thriving kids. It contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals parents feel good about. All-in-one delicious serving!

Nutrient-dense tablets for growing kids: NuBest Tall Kids provides an optimal amount of Calcium, multivitamins and multi-minerals beneficial to kids’ immune system, body resistance and optimal bone growth. It can be a powerful kick-start for thriving kiddos aged 2-9 to grow taller and stronger. The product with the B Vitamins also supports kids’ brain health.
Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Magnesium: Stunted growth, rickets or osteoporosis might occur due to poor bone health. However, it's difficult to make sure kids get all nutrients they need for strong bones from foods alone. Therefore, NuBest Tall Kids provides top nutrients for peak bone growth and proper development of kids. These ingredients play a key role in enhancing the calcium absorption, increasing bone mass and preventing bone disease.
Multivitamins & multi-minerals: Your little ones need a variety of vitamins and minerals as they grow, learn and explore. NuBest Tall Kids is packed with a powerhouse of right vitamins and minerals to ensure they’re meeting the nutritional needs, bridge the nutrition gaps and empower the immune system. Our tablets can give kids complete nourishment during their early stage of development.
Chewable tablets - Berry flavor: Taking NuBest Tall Kids is an easy and delicious way to nourish your active, growing kids. Our vitamins and minerals are delivered in the form of great-tasting tablets, so your kids will beg you every single day. Extra yummy nutrition approved by kids!
Give your kids a wholesome kick-start: Inspired by nature, we start with clean ingredients to make it a complete nutrition for kids. NuBest Tall Kids delivers a comprehensive blend of superstar ingredients sourced from Mother Nature to ensure the exceptional quality and purity. It’s all natural, non-GMO and free of any junk like soy, eggs, dairy, peanuts, shellfish, gluten, artificial flavors or colors.

Promote all-round growth and development in kids: As it’s tough to make sure kids get enough nutrients from daily diets, NuBest Tall Kids is packed with 16 multivitamins and multi-minerals – all vital nutrients for kids’ proper health and development. Taking NuBest Tall Kids every day can help them thrive strong and catch up growth!

Support bone health of kids: Vitamins and minerals are crucial in maintaining bone health and preventing bone diseases. NuBest Tall Kids contains Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Calcium and Magnesium for enhanced bone mass and flexibility. Vitamin D plays a role in helping your body absorb Calcium properly. The combination of Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K aids in preventing bone loss and reducing the risk of bone fractures.

Roosted in science, formulated with care: NuBest Tall Kids is backed by science and developed by an experienced team of nutritional experts and doctors after hundreds of extensive research. It’s made in the USA in a modern FDA-registered facility and proudly certified by cGMP and HACCP, so you can shop with confidence!
NuBest Tall Kids – the best height growth supplement for kids from 2 to 9 years old
1. Does NuBest Tall Kids work? Yes, it works. With compete nutritional support, our product is specially designed for the fast-moving kids aged 2-9 to grow strong and stay healthy.
2. How does NuBest Tall Kids work? NuBest Tall Kids can ease your worries about nutritional deficiency which might occur due to poor diets or picky eating. NuBest Tall Kids works by providing kids a wide range of vitamins and minerals for strong immune system, healthy bone growth and proper development.
3. Is NuBest Tall Kids safe? NuBest Tall Kids is safe to use. It only contains natural ingredients which are carefully chosen and tested to ensure clean and pure nutrition.
4. Does NuBest Tall Kids have any side effects? Up to present, we have not had any reports of side effects.
5. Why choose NuBest Tall Kids? NuBest Tall Kids is the achievement of U.S. Medical Doctors after years of extensive research. Secondly, NuBest Tall Kids is manufactured in the United States in an FDA-registered facility. Lastly, NuBest Tall Kids is recognized by standards including USDA Organic, GMP and HACCP.

Ingredients: Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol), Calcium (as Calcium Carbonate), Vitamin A (as Beta Carotene), Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin E (D-Alpha Mixed Tocopherols), Thiamine (Vitamin B-1) (as Thiamine HCl), Riboflavin (Vitamin B-2), Niacin (as Niacinamide), Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine Hcl), Biotin (as Pure Biotin 100%), Folate (as Folic Acid), Vitamin B-12 (as Cyanocobalamin), Vitamin K2 (as Menaquinone-7), Magnesium (as Gluconate), Zinc (as Citrate), Copper (as Gluconate).

Directions: For use by kids from the ages of 2 to 9. Kids chew the whole tablet.

+ Under the age of 4: Chew one (1) tablet daily.

+ Ages 4 and older: Chew two (2) tablets daily.

(*) If kids cannot chew the tablets, parents can crush the tablets and mix the powder with milk, juice, smoothie or liquid foods such as porridge or soup.

Indications: Supports height growth for children from the ages of 2 to 9 and supplements children with essential vitamins and minerals.

Safety Information: You can be sure NuBest Tall Kids is 100% safe! Developed by U.S. Medical Doctors with safety and results as the main objectives. Manufactured in the United States to the highest specifications. Always consult with your doctor before starting any supplements.
*The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.
* Results may vary from person to person.
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Verified Buyer
Jan 15, 2021
Decent compositition with no side effects, a must for kids with growth problems!
Rich composition in one pill. It contains multivitamins and multiminerals - which is beneficial for kids' growth and height development. My child is quite slender and shorter than most of his classmates, even girls. This is quite abnormal as my husband and I are not short, if not quite tall. Thus, I offer him this vitamin supplement and he happily takes it. The chewable tablets make it easy for him to take. We're on our second bottles now and I already saw some improvement. Decent compositition with no side effects, a must for kids with growth problems!
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Verified Buyer
Jan 5, 2021
My baby boy happily takes these chewable tablets every day without me reminding him. Nubest tall kids provide my kid with essential vitamins and minerals to help boost his growth. Now I don't have to worry about his lack of nutrients when he's picky eating anymore.
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Madhuri Anand
Verified Buyer
Dec 29, 2020
Quality is worth the wait
This chewable pill supplies vitamins to grow taller and cause me no hassle getting my kids to take it daily. I waited over a month for its restock but thats ok, since my kids really need the multi vitamins to grow taller.
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Verified Buyer
Dec 19, 2020
Good product, natural ingredients, safe for kids.
Good product, natural ingredients, safe for kids.
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Verified Buyer
Dec 8, 2020
My kiddo love the taste and I can tell nubest kids is helping them grow a lot. Absolutely love these! Totally recommended!
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Verified Buyer
Nov 27, 2020
Perfect for my kid
My kid is extremely picky eating and hates swallowing pills. So nubest kids is perfect for him with the chewable tablets. They provide calcium and other vitamins that he need, which helps his growth a lot.
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Thanks for your question. Both products are formulated by the U.S. Medical Doctors to boost the height increase, but there are some significant differences.

NuBest Tall comes in the form of capsules and works for children and teenagers aged 5 to 20. NuBest Tall Kids tablets are chewable and works for children from 2 to 9 years old.

As such, both products can work for your daughter to improve her height, but if she finds it hard to swallow the capsules, then she should take NuBest Tall Kids.


Yes. Your daughter can use NuBest Tall Kids to grow taller and smarter.

NuBest Tall Kids contains multivitamins and multiminerals which help to boost immune systems and support proper growth. Therefore, NuBest Tall Kids not only helps kids from 2 to 9 years old grow taller but also stay healthier. The product with the B Vitamins also supports brain development for them.

NuBest Tall Kids contains chewable tablets with berry flavor, so your daughter will definitely love it.

NuBest Tall Kids has been helping a lot of kids and children grow taller and smarter. There have not been any reports of side effects.


Thanks for your question. NuBest Tall Kids is specially formulated to support height growth of children from 2 to 9 years old. Your son is 11, so he should use NuBest Tall 10+, another product of our brand. 


Thanks for your question. Our tablets are easily chewable. However, if you are too worried about this, you can crush the tablet and mix its powder with foods or liquids.


Thanks for your question. Multivitamins and multi-minerals are specially included in NuBest Tall Kids to provide adequate nutrients to support bone growth, boost immune systems and correct nutritional deficiencies of children aged from 2 to 9. Therefore, these nutrients not only support children’s height growth but also helps them to stay healthier.

All of our multivitamins and multi-minerals are naturally sourced to ensure the highest quality and purity you can trust.


NuBest (#nubest), pronounced as “Nu-Best”, is a premium supplement company specializing in health and beauty products. With customers in 118 countries around the world, NuBest® is a trusted brand of high-quality, all-natural supplements that can improve your energy, health and well-being.
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