Why does exercise affect height growth?

Exercise not only helps children improve their health but also stimulates the body to release the growth hormone to make the height increase quickly, safely and effectively.

Exercise helps maximize the height growth

Scientific studies have shown that exercise is one of the most important factors to boost human height growth. Therefore, in order to help children achieve optimal height in future, parents need to build a regular and proper exercise regimen for them.

Exercises and sports not only help children maximize their height growth but also stimulate musculoskeletal system to develop synchronously and reduce the risks of gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases. Also, exercise has a great influence on the process of recovery and regeneration of bone and cartilage tissues. Accordingly, most of physical activities which produce impact force on muscles and bones promote the mineralization and the modeling.

Proper exercise helps enhance overall health and regulate all activities of the endocrine system. Thanks to proper exercise, the pituitary gland continuously releases the growth hormone to support the growth of bone and cartilage cells and stimulate the bones to increase constantly in length and thickness. What's more, the amount of secreted growth hormones in children who exercise for at least one hour every day will be three times greater than in children who do not exercise.

Exercise stimulates the bones to increase constantly in length and thickness.

Exercise stimulates the bones to increase constantly in length and thickness.

Is there anything else?

The habit of doing exercises and playing sports regularly also increases calcium density in the bones, helps strengthen the bones, improves muscular strength, increases the flexibility of limbs and senses and reduces the risks of osteoporosis or bone fractures due to traumas.

Furthermore, scientific studies have shown that most mineral content in the bones is accumulated in two year period preceding puberty. This is considered a very important time for the osteogenesis to be perfected. Therefore, exercise at this stage contributes positively to the increase of minerals that accumulate on the bones' surfaces and around the bones, thereby helping the bones to grow optimally and the height to increase spectacularly.

How to exercise to improve height effectively

Cartilages contribute positively to the height growth in each person. In fact, in children who exercise regularly, the skeletons will grow more strongly and more effectively in comparison with other children. However, depending on body conditions and ages, parents will choose appropriate forms of exercise for their children.

For young children, parents can "encourage" them to exercise with simple exercises such as swinging, leg stretching, standing up, sitting down, etc. These simple "postures" may bring about great effects in stimulating the elasticity and the development of the skeletons of children.

In addition to helping increase height, exercise helps children stay healthy and have psychological stability.

In addition to helping increase height, exercise helps children stay healthy and have psychological stability.

In order to promote children's height growth effectively, parents should choose sports that are good for the height growth such as swimming, volleyball, basketball, badminton, cycling... and appropriate for children's ages and constitutions. Sports are good for health but not all sports promote the height growth. Marathon running and excessive weightlifting during puberty can adversely affect the development of skeletal system and the height growth. Therefore, children should not practice these sports. Moreover, constant and excessive exercise and carrying heavy loads for a long time can also make children become short.

Exercise must be "sufficient in quantity and quality" to make the height growth occur smoothly. Light activities such as getting around and house cleaning are not enough to promote the height growth effectively. The results of many studies have shown that in people who rarely exercise or exercise at negligible levels, the growth hormones are secreted at the same rate as in people who do not exercise.

You should exercise outdoors before 9:00 AM and after 4:00 PM to combine exercise with exposure to sunlight to synthesize vitamin D. This is an indispensable element in the process of "transporting" minerals into the bones to help strengthen the bones and reduce the risks of calcium accumulation in intestinal wall, liver and kidney.

Hopefully, the information in this article has partly helped parents better understand the roles of exercise to the height growth of children and choose appropriate forms of exercise to increase the chance of owning an ideal height in future for children.