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NuBest Tall 10+, Powerful Bone Growth Formula for Children (10+) & Teens Who Drink Milk Daily

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$55.00 (USD) ($0.92 / Count) | In Stock
Product ID: 182008 - 60 Count Bottle (30 Servings)

Nutritional supplement for kids (10+) & teens: Boost your bone growth properly from today with NuBest Tall 10+. Our product uniquely delivers Calcium, Collagen, vitamins, herbs and vital nutrients to increase your bone health and strength.

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Advanced formula: Designed by the U.S. Nutritionists, NuBest Tall 10+ features top nutrients for fast bone growth, including Calcium, Collagen, vitamins, and a proprietary herbal blend. These ingredients also work harmoniously to promote bone strength for thriving children and teenagers.
Proprietary herbal blend: Our capsules are packed with precious herbs beneficial to bone growth, immune system and overall health. The innovative combination of nutrition and science not only supports healthy growth for children and teenagers but also enhances their wellness as well as body development.
Calcium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2: Besides Calcium, NuBest Tall 10+ also contains vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 that can promote calcium absorption in the body while maintaining greater bone mass and flexibility.
Collagen Hydrolysate: Collagen is a protein that provides a framework to make bones stay flexible under stress and stimulates cartilage growth. For bones to be strong and healthy, you need to maintain an adequate intake of collagen. It makes up a third of your bone structure and plays an indispensable role in the physical development of children and teens.
Only the good stuff: NuBest Tall 10+ is manufactured in the USA in an FDA-registered facility and certified by GMP and HACCP, so you can shop with confidence! Our supplement for kids and teens is natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free
Money-back guarantee: We provide either a free exchange of products or a refund for customers if they have any unpleasant experiences caused by the products. For the details, please click here.

NuBest Tall 10+ is one of the premium supplements for children from 10 years old and older, specifically designed by NuBest brand.


Your growing bones need certain nutrients to reach the desired length. That’s why NuBest Tall 10+ delivers a nutritional boost to nourish bone health, increase bone density and protect bones, thereby stimulating them to grow well in both length and thickness.

NuBest Tall 10+ is enriched with precious herbs to strengthen the immune system and overall health. The harmonious blend of vitamins and minerals, fortified with herbs makes it a super powerful boost.

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First 30 days: In this first period, your body will start to adapt and absorb vital nutrients in our capsules. These are vitamins and minerals that have high contents and are essential for bone growth. This first period basically creates the foundation for bone growth in the next periods.

2-6 months: With NuBest Tall 10+, the bones are nourished to grow rapidly in this period. To achieve fast and healthy bone growth, regular use of the product is recommended alongside proper sleep, a balanced diet, and frequent exercise.

6 months+: The overall health and body growth improve markedly in this period. Unfortunately, our supplement is ineffective in the event of growth-related illnesses such as dwarfism, Turner syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, or celiac disease.
1. Does NuBest Tall 10+ work? NuBest Tall 10+ works. Our capsules were expertly formulated and developed to unlock the natural bone growth of children (10+) and teens.
2. How does NuBest Tall 10+ work? NuBest Tall 10+ works by providing your body with essential vitamins and minerals to activate your bones to grow properly and reach their optimal length. Plus, our precious herbs are specially added to improve the immune system and increase body resistance.
3. Is NuBest Tall 10+ safe? NuBest Tall 10+ is the achievement of the U.S. Medical Doctors after years of extensive research. Also, it’s free of contaminants and common allergens like eggs, soy, peanut, shellfish, nuts, etc. There have been no records about side effects up to now.
4. Why choose NuBest Tall 10+? NuBest Tall 10+ is packed with an advanced formula made in the USA under a modern manufacturing process. Extracted from the goodness of nature and backed by science, our capsules uniquely feature the breakthroughs of Eastern and Western medical quintessence to bring about the real results to the users. We aim to provide the highest grade natural supplements available in stores and on the worldwide online market.
5. How should we use NuBest Tall 10+ to get the best results? In order to get the best results, you should use our products regularly as recommended on the label together with a nutritious diet, adequate sleep and regular exercise.

Ingredients: Calcium, Collagen Hydrolysate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Poria Mycelium Powder, Eucommia Bark Extract, Motherwort Leaf Powder, Polygonatum Root Powder, Sichuan Lovage Rhizome Powder, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, 5-Hydroxytryptophan (from Griffonia simplicifolia Seed Extract).


+ For children (10+) and teenagers who drink milk daily.

+ Take one (1) capsule twice daily after meals.

*If your children cannot swallow the capsule, you can open up the capsule and mix the powder with milk, juice, smoothie or liquid foods such as porridge or soup.

Indications: Supports natural bone growth and bone strength. For best results, NuBest Tall 10+ should be used alongside a healthy diet, regular exercise, enough sleep and before 11:00 PM.

Safety Information: Always consult with your doctor before starting any supplements.
*This product is a dietary supplement, and not intended to treat, cure or prevent diseases that cause short stature. Customers should seek a full medical examination of children suffering from short stature prior to taking the product. Results may vary from person to person.
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Yanet Fernandez (London, England)
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Verified Buyer
Jul 31, 2021
It’s a great value for the money!
My son has been taking these capsules for several months now and his height growth has been very noticeable. He has also gained some muscle which makes him look absolutely better. We will keep buying from this company!
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Verified Buyer
Jul 29, 2021
picked it bc ingredients
After searching for lots of height gain supplements, I caught nubest10 and fell in love with it. Included all key ingredients and nutrients for promoting height than other brands. And when I take it for over 4 months, I finally acquired 1.2in
Read more
Verified Buyer
Jul 27, 2021
this works for my 12-year-old son
would love to support my son's height, you know, height is so important to a man, and as a short man, I know all the misery that my child would end up having if he inherit my height. he's 12 now, and he had tried another brand for a whole year last year but we saw very little growth. So we changed to this Nubest ten plus, tho it's more expensive, it looks better. it's only 4.5 months since we changed to this and he has grown by 2 inches. it definitely works...we will continue with this until he finished his puberty
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Verified Buyer
Jul 26, 2021
Great vitamin K2
Good quality of vitamin K2, necessary to help my body absorb more calcium from the supplements and other dairy products.
Read more
Verified Buyer
Jul 25, 2021
unique formula
this thing has such a unique formula, honestly i had thought it would yield no results like the other stuffs i tried but i'm surprised when i grew the first inch taller, now i've gained above 3 inches, exciting isn't it
Read more
Vallie Smitham
Verified Buyer
Jul 22, 2021
It is safe for long-term use
At the outset I was quite concerned it would not be good for long-term use but I was surprised when my son has been using for 2 years without any problem. He got all the benefits from this product, the height gain, the health boost and stuff. Sometimes he takes 1 month off and continue afterwards.
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Verified Buyer
Jul 19, 2021
Just used 150 capsules and I do see a difference, although it said to complete at least180 ones. Thought that regular exercising, stretching and eating healthy also support this process
Read more
Nolan T.
Verified Buyer
Jul 19, 2021
Saw growth in my son
Saw growth in my son, he's 14 and hasn't grown much in a while we thought his growth plates are closed but after taking an xray his growth plates are still open so we gave these a try and within months we saw results. He's grown a little over 2 inches now. We are going to keep purchasing these.
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Hartmann Sr.
Verified Buyer
Jul 17, 2021
This is it for my son
With the safety first mentality, I checked the ingredients carefully before letting my precious boy use anything. This is it for him. Nice good ingredients that are safe, he has been using for a long time and is growing better than many other boys in his class. I would highly recommend this
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My son is 12 yrs old and he just took NbestTall 10plus for 1 month? Which sports should he try when using it to boost his height? BTW, is this height supplement for kids, too?


My son is the same age with your son and we have used this product for over 1 year. My advice is to encourage him to play basketball or go swimming or at least do stretching cause these exercises are useful to support the height. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet with more protein and dairy products is also a must. Ah, one more thing is that we have a short break after finishing 6 bottles (of course, we still keep a proper diet and exercise during this time). And after continuing using it again, I found that he seems to grow taller and quicker than before.

By Citlalli on June 5, 2021

I think taking height supplements for kids alone is enough. Didn't see my child play any sports but he keeps outgrowing his clothes.

By Bo Kris on July 16, 2021

It, of course, works for kids from 10. For those under 10, there is something called nubest for kids.

By D'Amore on July 18, 2021

planning to buy 6 months package. but I want to know from other users whether this nubest vitamin for height growth really works ? please tell your experience


For a start, I just bought 3 bottles. After 1st month, nothing was special. The second month, I felt a bit healthier inside, so I thought it might be effective (but I was still hesitant to order more at this time). And after finishing the third bottle, I measured myself and got nearly 1 inch taller. I was glad and decided to order 6 more bottles. Now I get taller - more than 2.7 inches. So, if you can buy a pack of 6 months, it will be perfect coz you will take this supplement constantly.

By Annette Kulas on May 27, 2021

But how can I know best vitamin for height growth is suitable for myself? If not, it will be wasteful :(

By Hadley Hilpert on June 20, 2021

I had the same idea with u at first. But after verifying the ingredient lists, I felt rest assured and decided to gave it a try. Cause I thought if it didnt improve my height, at least it helped my health. And this product truly surprised me after I found I got more than one in within 4.5 months.

By Javon Smith on June 29, 2021

My height is only 5'2 and I'm now 15 yo? Will I grow taller with nbest10 as it advertised?


If you take the product before puberty ends, you can still grow taller as in the case of me and my younger bro. He's 15 and I'm 19 and our mom bought us this but turned out he's the only one that continues to grow. He's even taller than me now which is a shame for me tho :((

By Frederik on June 1, 2021

Many sugar-coated comments on this product, but I still wonder whether it works effectively or not


It isn't considered the best vitamin for height growth for no reasons. My son and nephew are fan of this nubest 10 plus and been using it for years. They are growing up so well, both standing over 6'

By Clement on May 21, 2021

Yes, I bought for both my children. The big one is 13 and been taking 10 plus while the lit one is 6 and been taking the height supplement for kids called nubest kids. Both use for over 1 year and they seem to be stronger and taller than ever.

By Sarina on June 3, 2021

My friend told me about this product and said that it truly helped her grow taller. She advised me buy at least a pack of 6 to support well, but I hesitate bc it is a fortune, guys.


You wouldn't regret man, my boy used up 2 packs of this, that means 12 bottles, and he gained almost 5 inches taller.. They also have another height growth supplement for kids that's also just as good

By walker345 on May 17, 2021

Can anyone confirm nubest 10 plus actually work on my 11 years old son? We took it for a while but seeing nothing in his height.


My big son is using this product and he grows so much – from 5’2 to 5’5 within 6 months and a half. So, I decided to buy it for my little one who is 5 years old. But thanks god I found this brand has the height growth supplement for kids only. How cool is that.

By Hayley on April 23, 2021

How long have your son used it? My 12 kid got 0.6" after using it 3 months ago. If he just finishes the first bottle, you, of course, see nothing.

By Labadie on May 1, 2021

0.6, huh? My daughter got 1 inch full after 4 months. Perhaps, she often goes to swimming with her friends.

By Breanne on May 19, 2021

Just make sure your kid has eat more nutritious foods, less or no soda and fast food and do some workouts when taking these nbest vitamins for height growth

By Ashly on July 1, 2021
NuBest (#nubest), pronounced as “Nu-Best”, is a premium supplement company specializing in health and beauty products. With customers in 118 countries around the world, NuBest® is a trusted brand of high-quality, natural supplements that can improve your energy, health and well-being.
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