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NuBest Tall, Powerful Growth Formula, For Children (5+) and Teens Who Don't Drink Milk Daily NuBest Tall, Powerful Growth Formula, For Children (5+) and Teens Who Don't Drink Milk Daily
NuBest Tall, Powerful Growth Formula, For Children (5+) and Teens Who Don't Drink Milk Daily
NuBest Tall, Powerful Growth Formula, For Children (5+) and Teens Who Don't Drink Milk Daily
NuBest Tall, Powerful Growth Formula, For Children (5+) and Teens Who Don't Drink Milk Daily
NuBest Tall, Powerful Growth Formula, For Children (5+) and Teens Who Don't Drink Milk Daily
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NuBest Tall, Powerful Growth Formula, For Children (5+) and Teens Who Don't Drink Milk Daily, 60 Capsules (Pack of 1)

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Product ID: 242508 - 60 Count Bottle (20-30 Servings)
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Bone-nourishing formula: NuBest Tall provides a unique blend of Calcium, Collagen, precious herbs, and essential nutrients for bone growth of children and teenagers. Inspired by nature, NuBest Tall contains premium ingredients that are natural, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Proudly made in the USA in an FDA-registered facility, NuBest Tall is certified by GMP and HACCP for outstanding quality you can count on.*
Proprietary blend of precious herbs: NuBest Tall is packed with an integrative formula that combines both science and nutrition for healthful benefits. Best of all, our herbs work harmoniously as an extra boost to enhance the immune system, overall health, and wellness of growing children and teens. A remarkable supplement for you to grow stronger and healthier during your golden development years!*
Calcium: Calcium is the main building block of your growing bones. Maintaining proper calcium intake can increase calcium concentration and bone mineral density. No doubt, this mineral is featured in many supplements. But unlike normal calcium in other products, our Calcium delivers more outstanding features as it is prepared based on advanced technology for better absorption and biological usability.*
Collagen Hydrolysate: Collagen is known as the most abundant protein in the body. Together with Calcium, it has a role to play in forming strong and healthy bones. It stimulates calcium levels, maintains bone strength and flexibility. Our Collagen Hydrolysate features better absorption in the body.*
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Research shows nutrition is the cornerstone of proper bone growth and body development. A balanced and nutritious diet really matters to growing children and teenagers. However, most of them don’t get enough growth-boosting nutrients in the required amount. That’s why NuBest Tall comes in to fuel your growing bones with a powerhouse of calcium, collagen, herbs, and vital nutrients to support your healthy growth and development.*

With superstar ingredients extracted from Mother Nature, NuBest Tall is definitely a right choice!*


First 30 days: The growing body absorbs the nutrients in the capsules. It's crucial to take the capsules every day with the recommended dose. Take NuBest Tall 30 minutes before meals, or one hour after meals for optimal absorption.*

2-6 months: Monitor your growth progress every month and continue to follow a healthy lifestyle. To maximize bone growth, immunity, energy levels, and overall health, taking the capsules alongside a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep.*

6 months+: Keep consuming the capsules until you achieve the desired results. It’s recommended to use the growth boost supplement throughout the growing years until the end of puberty for optimal growth and development.*

*Results may vary from person to person. The supplement is ineffective in the event of growth-related illnesses such as dwarfism, Turner syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, or celiac disease.

Ingredients: Calcium, Collagen Hydrolysate, Poria Mycelium Powder, Sea Cucumber (Marine Animal) Powder, Eucommia Bark Extract, Motherwort Leaf Powder, Velvet Deer Antler Powder, Polygonatum Root Powder, Sichuan Lovage Rhizome Powder, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, and 5-Hydroxytryptophan (from Griffonia simplicifolia Seed Extract).

Other Ingredients: Gelatin (Capsule).

Directions: For children (5+) and teenagers who do not drink milk daily.

+ Ages 5 to 10: Take one (1) capsule twice daily about 30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after meals.

+ Above 10 to teenagers: Take one (1) capsule three times daily about 30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after meals.

* If your children cannot swallow the capsule, you can open up the capsule and mix the powder with milk, juice, smoothie or liquid foods such as porridge or soup.

Indications: Support natural bone growth and bone strength. For best results, NuBest Tall should be used alongside a healthy diet, regular exercise, and enough sleep (before 11:00 PM).*

Safety Information: Always consult with your doctor before starting any supplements.
*This product is a dietary supplement, and not intended to treat, cure or prevent diseases that cause short stature. Customers should seek a full medical examination of children suffering from short stature prior to taking the product. Results may vary from person to person.

Will NuBest Tall help me get taller?

NuBest Tall is formulated with a powerhouse of Calcium, Collagen, herbal extracts, and vital nutrients to support bone growth, immune health, overall health, and wellness of children and teenagers.*

What is the daily dose recommended for this product?

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How is NuBest Tall different from NuBest Tall 10+?

My parents are not tall, can your growth supplements help me grow taller?

How long does it take to see the results?

Will I shrink in height after stopping taking it?

My child can’t swallow capsules well, what should I do?

Does it cause weight gain?

Why does it contain too many herbs?

Can I take two growth supplements at the same time to speed up the effects?

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Can I take two capsules at once?

Why are there so many different products for kids and teens for the same function? It is very difficult for the consumers to decide which one to go with?

Is this product made in the USA? Is it safe?

When is the expiration date?

At what temperature can these be stored? Can I store it in the fridge?

Are your supplements FDA approved?

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Fylife Pettersen (California, USA)
Yanet Fernandez (London, England)
Monique Dias (Utah, USA)
Jennifer DeMatteo (USA)
Mansoora Bilal review about NuBest
"Parents nowadays are so busy to prepare well-balanced and nutritious diets for kids. NuBest Tall comes in to ease my worries about nutritional deficiencies, and help my son grow stronger naturally and safely."
Mansoora Bilal - Texas, USA
Monique Dias review about NuBest
"My sweet girl is taking NuBest Tall to support her growth. It's an incredible supplement for children and teens. Why? It helps meet nutritional needs, ensures the child grow fast and stay healthy. My daughter looooooves it and takes 2 capsules daily."
Monique Dias - Utah, USA
Jennifer DeMatteo review about NuBest
"My daughter is taking NuBest Tall. It contains calcium and collagen and other essential nutrients to aid in bone growth, helping her stay strong and active."
Jennifer DeMatteo - California, USA
Sasha review about NuBest
"NuBest Tall contains calcium, collagen, and precious herbs that work together to support healthy growth and development. If you’re looking for a natural and effective way to support your height growth, I definitely recommend NuBest Tall."
Sasha - Washington, USA
Meghan Allen review about NuBest
"My twin boys were born early so I’m always paying careful attention to their growth. It’s important for them to have a good diet to grow taller and healthier. We’ve recently discovered NuBest Tall. These pills give them a proper height boost at ease. Your children can grow taller and stronger with these made-in-the-USA, all-natural capsules."
Meghan Allen - Florida, USA
Kierney review about NuBest
"This great product is packed with natural ingredients like Calcium, Collagen, and other special herbs that support her growing bones and fill in her nutritional gaps. Since she’s started taking NuBest Tall, I have noticed an increase in her growth and activity levels. Really grateful for this product and its many benefits!"
Kierney - Illinois, USA
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