Grow Power – Natural Height Booster for Children and Teens – 60 Capsules with Calcium, Minerals and Essential Nutrients

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Height increasing capsules for children and teens: Packed with essential nutrients required for bone growth, Grow Power boosts your height gain naturally and effectively. The nutritional supplement is developed by the U.S. Medical Doctors using high quality ingredients.

Exclusive formula for rapid height growth: Natural – Safe – Highly Effective. Our products outshine other products on the market by incorporating Calcium, Vitamin D3, Phosphorus as well as essential vitamins and minerals in its formula to accelerate height increase.
Calcium: Calcium in Grow Power undergoes a sophisticated and advanced preparation process to have greater absorption capacity and higher biological usability. Thanks to this, it improves your bone mineral density and increases internal Calcium concentration, thereby making your bones grow well in both thickness and length.
Better absorption: Vitamin D3 in Grow Power ensures better absorption of Calcium by 80%. Our height enhancer is a combination of many minerals and vitamins essential for the development of height. As a result, Grow Power capsules allow children and teenagers to not only reach their peak height but also strengthen their overall health.
The best value: 60 capsules per bottle. Effective, quick and safe. The product has been made and granted with a Certificate of Free Sale in the USA.
High quality: Grow Power is manufactured in an FDA-Registered facility in the US. The production process meets international standards including cGMP and HACCP, proving its high quality and purity. The product is non-GMO and free of binders, artificial flavors/colors, cholesterol, sugar, soy, yeast, preservatives, antibiotics, dairy, and gluten. We have MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE for users under 18 who provide evidence of no effect after 6 months of using Grow Power if they submit before and after use photo along with papers showing their age.

Packed with essential nutrients required for healthy bone growth, Grow Power boosts your height gain naturally and intensively. The nutritional supplement is developed by U.S. Medical Doctors using only high quality ingredients.


As your body is growing, it needs a variety of nutrients to facilitate optimal growth. Although the best way to gain these nutrients is through foods, your daily diet is not always healthy and balanced, which makes nutritional deficiencies inevitable. Grow Power works by filling the nutritional gaps in your diet and providing your growing bodies with everything it needs for the best height gain. Imagine feeding plant food to your plants, Grow Powers works in the exact same way.


First 30 days: In this first period, your body will start to adapt and absorb vital vitamins and minerals in our capsules. These are vitamins and minerals that have high contents and are essential for bone growth. The levels of these vitamins and minerals will increase gradually throughout this period, creating the foundation for bone growth in the next periods.

2-6 months: The levels of vitamins and minerals are at their maximum and the bone density increases. The bones are nourished so well that they start to grow rapidly in this period. To maximize bone growth, regular use of the product is recommended alongside enough sleep, balanced diets and frequent exercise.

6 months+: The height of users changes markedly in this period. Users can add about 10-15% to their final adult height on average, which equals 3-4 inches, by taking Grow Power as instructed throughout their growing years. Unfortunately, premature closure of the growth plates or other illnesses can affect the effectiveness of our supplement.
1. Is Grow Power safe? Yes, absolutely. Grow Power’s ingredients are naturally sourced and carefully tested in clinical studies to ensure their safety for users. The product is developed and produced in the US under strict quality control procedures and advanced production processes.
2. Does Grow Power have any side effects? Over a decade has passed since Grow Power started helping people achieve their height goals, and no cases of side effects have been reported.
3. Does Grow Power work? Yes, Grow Power definitely works. After conducting exhaustive research, our team of U.S. Medical Doctors developed an exclusive formula that incorporates a mix of natural ingredients that are vital for healthy bone growth and strength.
4. How does Grow Power work? The American Academy of Pediatrics recently found that 70% of U.S. adolescents fail to consume enough nutrients essential for bone growth. Grow Power works by supplementing your growing body with bone-nourishing nutrients, thereby triggering rapid height increase and ensuring you can reach your maximum genetically predetermined height.
5. What makes Grow Power different? It’s advisable to know the origins of brands from which you’re purchasing given the increasing number of height boosters on the market. All of NuBest products are formulated in cGMP and HACCP certified laboratories in the US to ensure the exceptional quality and safety for our customers. Our mission is to provide premium natural supplements to people around the world through both online and offline channels.

Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate (nano), Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), Phosphorus, Magnesium (as amino acid chelate, complex), Zinc (as amino acid chelate, gluconate), Sodium, Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride), DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan), Cinnamon flavor and Gelatin Capsules.


+ For children and teenagers from 10 years old and older; particularly effective during puberty.

+ Take one (1) capsule twice daily after meals.

+ Capsules may be opened and powder added to your food or drink.

Indications: Supports maximum natural height increase - Supports bone strength. For best results, Grow Power should be used alongside a healthy diet, regular exercise and enough sleep (before 11:00 PM).

Safety Information: You can be sure Grow Power is 100% safe! Developed by U.S. Medical Doctors with safety and results as the main objectives. Manufactured in the United States to the highest specifications. Always consult with your doctor before starting any supplement.
*The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.
* Results may vary from person to person.
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Lateefa Yasin
Verified Buyer
Jan 3, 2021
The vegan height pill is good for my son
Affordable, vegan, effective, this is all I ask of a height growth pill. My 13year old son did not get taller much though he exercises daily, he needs something to help but it's hard to find products that solve the get taller issue without animal components. I'm glad we eventually found Grow power after long time of research. It helped my son get taller after a few bottles! I hope he will reach 6ft1 at adulthood with this.
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Carlson J
Verified Buyer
Dec 29, 2020
Rapid height growth
My young teen is having Grow power to grow taller fast. I love that he's having calcium and vitamin D for rapid height growth. Our family is so happy. Definitely buy more!
Read more
Jasmine Thompson
Verified Buyer
Dec 22, 2020
It works!
It takes a little over 1 month I think to really notice a difference but I definitely feel my bones grow stronger and I become healthier. I will continue to use on a daily basis.
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Verified Buyer
Dec 14, 2020
They work for my nephew
These pills work for my nephew. It makes our family really excited. We used to be so sad as he was too short compared with the whole family and wanted to help him. But now things have started to change for the better thanks to Grow power.
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Verified Buyer
Dec 5, 2020
4 bottles in and my daughter's height has greatly improved. I can see that she's taller than before and looks much healthier. It's safe, no worries about its ingredients, quick shipping, no side effect. Great choice!!!
Read more
Verified Buyer
Nov 24, 2020
It helped to get taller
Grow power really worked for me I did get taller from 5ft5 to 5ft8 at my 17. Most of my friends stop growing now, luckily I still have a chance and this is helping me a lot to get taller.
Read more

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At the ages of 10 and 13, your children can use Grow Power to get taller. They should use our product for at least 6 consecutive months to see the result.

Grow Power has been helping a lot of people meet their height goals since 2010. There have not been any reports of side effects.


Yes. Your son and daughter can absolutely use Grow Power to get taller.

Grow Power provides essential vitamins and minerals for the bone growth in particular and for the height growth in general.

It is recommended that they should use our product for at least 6 consecutive months to see the result.

In order to get the best result, they should use our product regularly together with frequent exercise, healthy and nutritious diets and enough sleep (8 hours per day and before 11:00 PM).

They can use Grow Power until their growth plates are closed to get maximum height.

Please note that at puberty (10-14 years old), people can  grow 4-6 inches per year. After puberty, people can only grow 1-2 inches per year.


You can give Grow Power to your son while continuing giving him regular chew vitamins. However, because Grow Power also contains some vitamins and minerals, you should give your son regular chew vitamins with adequate dosage to avoid excess of vitamins.


If you frequently exercise outdoors and you are often exposed to sunshine, you should use NuBest Tall, otherwise you should use Grow Power.


- Most of the growth plates of people after the age of 20 will be closed. Once the growth plates are closed, people will not be able to grow taller. In some people, the growth plates may be closed at the age of 17-19. 

- In order to determine whether the growth plates are open or closed, you should go to the hospital for an X-ray. Or If you have not grown any centimeters for a long time, it may be also a sign that your growth plates are closed.


Currently, we only offer free shipping in the United States. If you live in Cambodia and you want to buy the products in the USA, you can ask your relatives in the USA to buy the products and send them to Cambodia or you can place orders through American purchasing service companies in your country. You also can contact our distributors in Thailand, Japan, Korea, India, Vietnam and China to ask about international shipping.


- Grow Power works for children and teenagers from the age of 10-20. It is especially effective during puberty.

- Most of the growth plates of people after the age of 20 will be closed. Once the growth plates are closed, people will not be able to grow taller.


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