How To Grow Taller At 14?

Most 14-year-old teens have hit puberty and experienced a growth spurt. During the intense phase of the growth spurt, boys gain 4 inches per year, while girls acquire 3 to 3.5 inches per year. But if your child is little compared to his peers, try not to worry because you are here for ways on how to grow taller at 14. In addition to genetics, there are other helpful methods to promote height growth. Keep scrolling to find what you want!

    What is the average height for a 14-year-old teen?

    The average height of 14-year-old boys is 5 feet 3.7 inches (164 centimeters). They can expect to grow another two and a half inches when they turn 18. But some might stop growing much earlier, between 13 and 15. As parents, you should be aware of the average height range for this age to know whether they are on track. Meanwhile, the average height of 14-year-old girls is 5 feet 2 inches (160.5 centimeters). Girls typically enter puberty around age 11 and have finished growing in height by 14 or so.

    Now you can see a little difference between the height increase of males and females. At this age and over, teen boys tend to grow faster than teen girls, while girls are often taller than boys before they reach 14.

    How to grow taller at 14?

    In fact, your children can get taller and taller if they follow a healthy lifestyle. And your job is to guide and encourage them on how to carry out it.

    Have a healthy diet

    Having a healthy diet is critical because it will not only help a 14-year-old teen be in good shape but also present one essential way of helping them gain inches.

    To get into the specifics, you should prepare a variety of fruits and vegetables (of many colors) to support a healthy body. Consuming plenty of protein, such as dairy, lean meat, red meat, fish, eggs, and beans, is necessary for getting taller as well. The body needs healthy fats from foods like cheese, seeds, nuts, and avocados as well as from fatty protein foods like red meat, salmon, and whole milk to maintain healthy hormone levels.

    Combining potatoes with any of the above fat and protein sources allows you to eat nutritious meals. Oatmeal is another good option to increase the protein content with milk.

    Avoid skipping sleep

    All teens at this age need 9 to 9 ½ hours of sleep per night. That is because growth hormones are produced naturally in the pituitary gland during slow or deep-wave sleep, helping your children’s bodies grow. And to ensure they get enough sleep, make their sleeping environment as calm as possible by reducing unessential light sources and loud noises.

    Enhance physical activity

    Although there are no special exercises that magically can make a person grow taller, it is obvious that a lack of physical activity might hinder their height gain. 

    So, will you let your kids work out more? Not at all indeed, because their bodies need time to rest and recover for growth and development. Doing exercises is a vital factor for a 14-year-old boy or girl to be optimally healthy. Besides, height gain is easier to get when they are healthy rather than sick.

    Indulge in yoga

    Doing yoga will not directly extend the bones, but it will help optimize the stature your children currently have. Also, this low-intensity activity reduces stress and relaxes the whole body. A stress-free body is necessary for healthier growth. Is there anything else? Performing yoga may indirectly help take full advantage of the growth hormones needed for height increase.

    Practice proper posture

    Having a good and proper posture will leave a taller look. Hunching over or rolling shoulders can affect the curvature of the growing spine, which might compromise your children’s growth. So, make sure they do not slink or slouch when walking and when they sit in a chair, remind them to sit up straight.

    Drink plenty of milk and water

    Milk is an excellent source of calcium, which is an indispensable mineral for bone growth. It also supports the overall growth and development of the body thanks to a high amount of protein and vitamin A. It is suggested that a 14-year-old teen should consume 3 ½ servings of dairy every day, which equals 3 cups of milk.

    Water is a must for our body to be hydrated because it helps keep our metabolism and improve our digestion. Although there is no direct connection between height gain and water intake, water assists the proper functioning of the body and promotes the absorption of necessary nutrients. Consume at least 8 glasses of water daily and include water-based fruits like cucumber and watermelon in the diet.

    Avoid stimulants

    Some stimulants are known to bring severe effects on overall growth and development by restraining healthy cartilage growth and leading to stunted growth.

    • Caffeine is believed to disrupt sleep. Since your kids need around 9 to 9 ½ hours of sleep, consuming caffeine might hurt their chance of getting that much.

    • Young teens who smoke or are exposed to second-hand smoke are, on average, shorter than those who do not.

    • Using steroids over long periods might restrict bone growth and delay growth. Teens who suffer from respiratory illnesses, like asthma, and take steroid-based inhalers are shorter compared to those who do not use them.

    Keep a proper body weight

    We all know a well-balanced and healthy diet supplies the body with the necessary materials to get taller and stronger as well as keeps its weight in check. Do you not know that gaining weight uncontrollably during growing years might make your kids shorter as an adult and potentially result in related health problems? A study claimed a close relationship between obesity and weak bone health [1, 2]. So, while losing weight might not affect their height, maintaining a healthy body weight will help them get away from losing some inches.

    Get more vitamin D from the sun

    Since many teens do not acquire adequate vitamin D in their diet, why don’t you encourage them to go out and absorb this nutrient from the sun? Yes, the sun is the best natural source of vitamin D. Only spend a short time in the sun and processes inside the tissue begin to synthesize vitamin D for the body to use.

    Try dietary supplements

    Another available way to boost your children’s height is to use supplements for growth. They work by providing a variety of bone-nourishing components that assist healthy body growth. Moreover, they help speed up the production of growth hormones naturally. But remember to combine this product with the advice mentioned above to acquire the expected results.


    What exercises should a 14-year-old teen try to support height growth?

    Go for a jog

    Jogging is a cool exercise, not just for children and teens but also for grown-ups. It helps strengthen the bones in their legs and boost the number of growth hormones, which is necessary for any growth in the body. It is fine to jog in the morning or evening after dinner. Start slow and then increase the pace. Doing it three times during the week will be fine.

    Hang from a bar

    This exercise has been suggested for decades, especially for parents who want their kids to grow taller. That is because hanging from a bar helps extend the spine, which plays a necessary factor in getting taller. In addition to regular hanging, try doing pull-ups or chin-ups as they might make the muscles of the arms and back stronger as well as keep your children fit.

    Skip a rope

    Skipping is believed to bring beneficial effects on the heart, but do you know it is excellent for height gain? This exercise makes the body straight while extending the back and spine. Also, bending at the knees causes the growth of calves, resulting in the formation of bone mass in the lower legs.

    Go for a swim

    This full-body exercise is beneficial in targeting all the muscles in the body. It includes a lot of stretching forward, which supports the spine for a tall and healthy body. And if they swim for a long time, it may help them lose extra fat, leaving a well-proportioned stature.

    Try toe-touching exercises

    Toe-touching crunch, lying toe touch, standing toe touch, or alternating toe touch are known as good warm-up exercises. Not only do they increase the flexibility of the body, but they also help to gain height as they contribute to extending the spine.

    In summary

    Remember that your children cannot get taller overnight by only eating healthily or sleeping enough hours. They just experience height growth over the upcoming months and years if they follow these old yet healthy methods mentioned above. Tick all the boxes and make sure you are doing everything in your power to give the proper foundation for your children to grow.


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