Our conditions for the money-back guarantee of height growth supplements are as follows:

1. The money-back guarantee is applied to single users.

2. The user shall be under 18 years old and his/her growth plates are not completely closed.

The user has used the product continuously as the recommended dosage after at least 6 months but there is no change in his/her height.

3. To be eligible for the refund, please provide us with the following information:

  • Your order IDs.
  • Proof-of-age documents. In case the user is not the buyer, there shall be papers showing the relationship between the user and the buyer (both must be at the same address, and this address is the same as the shipping address).
  • Proof showing that the user’s growth plates are not completely closed (For example: a photo of an X-ray of the growth plates). Please provide us with required information; for the remaining private information on the documents and papers, please cover them.

Note: Once the growth plates are closed, people will not be able to grow taller naturally. There are a few people whose growth plates are closed even earlier.

In order to exactly determine whether the growth plates are open or closed, you should go to the hospital for an X-ray. Or you can determine relatively by monitoring your height in one recent year. If you have not grown any inches in one recent year, it may be a sign that your growth plates are closed. (Please remember to measure your height at a certain time of day because the height measured in the morning will be higher than the height measured in the evening).

4. We will refund you for the used products after deducting the handling fee and shipping fee.

5. In case you still have unused products (the safety seals are still intact), please return them to us. We will refund for the unused products after deducting the handling fee and shipping fee.

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