Helping children abandon some bad habits in order to grow taller

In the quest for ensuring our children's well-being and development, we often focus on various aspects of their health, from their nutrition to their education and social skills. However, one crucial factor that sometimes goes unnoticed is the impact of certain bad habits on their height growth. It's disheartening to think that despite our best intentions, we may inadvertently hinder our children's physical development. In this article, we will explore some of these detrimental habits and shed light on how we can take proactive steps to ensure that our children can reach their full height potential. After all, fostering healthy growth in our kids is an essential part of nurturing them into strong, confident individuals.

Eat too much

Many parents do not know how to adjust children's eating habits or they think that children should eat as much as possible. As a result, they always force children to eat too much. This seriously affects children's health as well as children's height growth. Eating too much, especially in the evening, can cause dyspepsia in children and make it difficult for them to sleep. Hence, the process of producing the growth hormone is also hindered.

Feeding children too much increases the risk of obesity.

Feeding children too much increases the risk of obesity.

In particular, eating too much causes an increase in the thyroid hormones, which leads to a rapid decline in calcium molecules. This is the cause of osteoporosis, bone fracture, and stunted height growth. Furthermore, when children eat too much, their bodies have to mobilize a large amount of blood to the intestines to support the process of food metabolism, which results in a deficiency in blood supply to the brain. As a result, the brain will get tired.

Spend too much time on electronic devices

Modern life makes parents no longer have time to play with their children. Many parents let their children "make friends" with electronic devices to have time for work. However, this is extremely dangerous because electronic devices are so addictive that even parents can hardly resist.

In particular, children who get addicted to electronic devices are often too lazy to exercise, which seriously affects their height growth. To achieve good height growth, children need to exercise frequently to stimulate the joints to work flexibly and stimulate growth hormone production. However, if children just like to sit or lie in bed to play with smartphones or iPads, the height growth process cannot take place favorably.

Restrict children's outdoor activities

Many parents often do not let children participate in outdoor activities for fear that children will be injured or they will communicate with bad friends. However, this has adversely affected children's height growth and psychology.

Children need to participate in outdoor activities to be exposed to sunlight. Infrared rays in the sunlight in the early morning and late afternoon will dilate blood vessels and promote blood circulation. UV rays can kill some pathogenic bacteria on the skin and prevent anemia. At the same time, sunlight exposure helps synthesize vitamin D - a micronutrient that plays a vital role in children's height growth and health.

Children need to participate in outdoor activities.

Vitamin D will regulate calcium and "transport" this mineral to bone cartilage to help the bones grow strongly and firmly, thereby increasing children's height.

When kids don't get enough sun, it might make it harder for their bodies to make strong bones. We can help by making sure they spend some time outside in the sun but always remember to protect their skin from too much sun with sunscreen or protective clothing. That way, they can have healthy bones and grow as tall as they're meant to.

Lack of proper footwear

The type of shoes our kids wear is something we should also think about. If they wear shoes that don't fit right or don't support their feet well, it could make a difference in how they stand and walk. Imagine wearing shoes that are too big or too small—it doesn't feel comfortable, right? Well, when kids wear shoes that aren't just right for their feet, it can mess up how they stand and walk.

Have inadequate dental care

Having good dental care is important for growing up healthy. If kids don't take care of their teeth or if they have problems with their teeth that don't get fixed, it can make it hard for them to eat the right foods. See, when your teeth hurt or aren't healthy, it's tough to chew and eat fruits, vegetables, and other good stuff.

Heavy backpacks

Carrying heavy backpacks improperly can strain the spine and affect posture, which may have a minor impact on height.

Experience stress

Experiencing stress is something we should pay attention to as well. Stress is when we feel worried, upset, or anxious for a long time. It's not just something grown-ups go through; kids can feel stressed too. When stress sticks around for a long time, it can do some not-so-good things to our bodies.

Stay up late

At school ages, many children have to stay up late to do homework or to review their lessons. However, these activities in children's growing ages are extremely dangerous.

The growth hormone is secreted most at night from 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM when children are sleeping most deeply. If children stay up too late, they will skip these "golden moments". As a result, their height will be greatly affected. Staying up late can also lead to sleep problems, fatigue, and lack of energy for daily activities.

Improper nutritional supplementation

Nutrition is extremely important to height growth. Being aware of the importance of nutrition to height growth, many parents pay much attention to nutritional supplementation for children. However, the lack of nutrition knowledge of many parents has made the height growth of children affected.

Some parents frequently supplement calcium to their children but they do not know how much calcium is needed for each age, which results in calcium excess in children. Top nutritionists have recommended that calcium excess is as dangerous as calcium deficiency because it leads to premature bone stiffness, restriction in bone growth, and calcium accumulation in the kidneys which causes kidney stones.

Besides, eating too many overly greasy foods and overly sweet foods and drinking too much carbonated water and other stimulants also inhibit the height growth of children.

Helping children obtain outstanding heights in the future is not easy. Therefore, parents need to actively equip themselves with the necessary knowledge about height growth, thereby planning to take care of the height growth of children effectively and safely.


We want our kids to grow tall and strong. Sometimes, there are things they do that can stop them from growing as tall as they can be. Like not eating good foods, not sleeping enough, or sitting around too much. We should help them do better by giving them good food, making sure they sleep enough and playing outside. When we do these good things and stop the bad ones, it helps our kids be healthy and reach their full height.


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