Does girls with menstruation still grow taller?

Menstruation is a natural physiological phenomenon of womankind signaling the perfection of sexual and reproductive functions in women. Many people think that girls will no longer grow taller if they have menstruation. However, this information is completely incorrect. Let's learn more about this in the article below.

The girls' changes due to menstruation

Menstruation is one of the first signs showing that the girls are entering puberty with significant changes in both physiology and psychology.

Their bodies grow and their fat layers under their skins thicken making their bodies soft and feminine. Curves gradually appear, breasts are larger and sebaceous glands develop strongly causing clogged pores and acnes. Furthermore, voices are also higher, clearer and gentler. Pelvises are broader and rounder showing that fertility is available. After menstruation starts, height and weight also markedly change.

After menstruation starts, the girls' bodies have changed a lot.

The psychology of the girls is also more variable than before. They tend to prefer freedom and independence, express their egos more, pay attention to appearance and like to embellish themselves. The girls also start to have feelings with the opposite sex, love to be cared and care for others. Friendship and love have been expanded and flourished.

Does the girls with menstruation still grow taller?

In fact, after menstruation starts, the girls will enter puberty. This is the "golden period" in order that height is not only growing but also growing rapidly. Height growth speed can be up to 8-12 cm/year in one to two years. This is also the "last chance" for the girls to grow taller because the height growth will slow down and stop after puberty. After the age of 20, very few people, especially women, can grow taller and the height growth speed is also not significant.

Nowadays, improper care, improper nutritional supplementation, non-scientific living conditions and exposure to films and cultural products related to sex is making the age of puberty in girls lower than before. Many girls have had menstruation at the age of 9-10.

For the girls who enter puberty early, sex hormone is secreted in great amount, which makes the epiphyses quickly closed. As the result, the height of these girls will be much lower than the normal girls. On the other hand, early puberty also causes the girls to face many external dangers while they do not have enough knowledge and skills to care for and protect themselves. Therefore, parents need to care for children and instruct them how to take care of their bodies during menstruation and how to protect themselves against the potential risks of sexual assault and pedophilia.

How to effectively increase height for the girls

The height growth depends on many factors such as genetics, nutrition, exercise and sleep. Therefore, for the girls, parents need to take measures to promote the height growth by providing sufficient nutrients to them, encouraging them to do exercises and sports regularly, encouraging them to sleep early and sleep sufficiently, thereby facilitating the secretion of growth hormones and supporting the height growth effectively.

After menstruation starts, the height of the girls grows strongly.

Furthermore, in order to facilitate the height growth in the girls, parents should let them use prestigious growth supplements. These supplements support the growth by supplementing children with right and sufficient essential nutrients including Calcium, Collagen and some precious herbs. These ingredients help stimulate the development of cartilages and joints, thereby making the bones become strong and healthy and supporting the growth.

Nowadays, height is playing an increasingly important role to career opportunities and social relationships. Therefore, parents and the girls themselves need to give proper attention to health care and height growth in order to enhance the chance of owning an ideal height.