Spectacular changes in height of a Qatar boy after his overseas study

It warms my heart to see my son today, standing tall and strong, transformed into a remarkable young man. In a place like Qatar, where opportunities abound and dreams can become reality, the joy of witnessing his growth is truly priceless.

Above are the words from a Qatari entrepreneur. As he was busy with his business, he could not take care of his son. Fortunately, his beloved son has got off the “obsession of being short” after taking the health growth supplement NuBest Tall.

“Forget” children because of being too busy

I am the owner of a big real estate company in Doha Capital which has many nationwide subsidiaries and owns big trade towers and centres. Our family has a strong financial situation and no one in the family has to worry about money. Our children can study overseas if they want to. Due to our business, however, my wife and I do not have time taking care of our children. If they want to travel, buy supercars or join parties, we will support them financially as much as we could as this commitment for us is equal to fulfilling our responsibilities.

However, our situation spoils our kids. They all grew up in luxury without our close attention and care. There is something in their characteristics that bother us, especially Tommy, my first son. When he was 13, he wanted to have a private car. At the age of 15, he demanded one supercar while he had not reached the age qualified for driving. Sometimes, Tommy bought a new pair of shoes and wanted to re-decorate his car to “match” the shoes at the cost of several thousand dollars. He just stayed at home for some months in the year. For the rest of the year, he went to bars and restaurants in global cities such as London and New York. As those were his hobbies and we did not have much time to care, we let him do whatever he wanted. What we could give him was money.

We rarely met each other, even when I stayed at home. I only met my children in the chapel for 10 - 15 minutes and we did not have time to have meals together. Perhaps, that is the reason for our disruptive emotional bonds. Therefore, as their parents, we do not know their hobbies, concerns or their study plan . Sometimes, I am thinking that all our children need is money. Thus, we provide them enough so that they will not bother us and give us time to work.


Story of “going away from home” and a spectacular change in appearance

One time when I was having an overseas business trip, Tommy called and told me that he wanted to study overseas. He wanted me to arrange the procedures as soon as possible. I quickly agreed and thought that he was bored with our rich country, Qatar and wanted to find a new place for his entertainment.

However, unexpectedly, the reason for his “going away from home” was a girl that Tommy liked. She is very beautiful and was born into a rich family. She follows the modern life that is different from traditional Qatari girls. As Tommy liked the girl, he arranged a big party to show his love for the girl. However, she did not bother with Tommy for his short stature despite the fact that Tommy has a wealthy father. Tommy is not her cup of tea. Feeling offended, Tomy wanted to go overseas.

I heard this story from my second daughter after Tommy went to the U.S.A for some months. At that time, I just realized that Tommy was really short. His height was just 5'3 at the age of 16 - 17 while that Qatari girl was quite tall. My female secretary is 5'10 tall counting her high heels. However, if Tommy stood by them, he would be at their shoulder levels.

After that, I contacted Tommy sometimes, but I never asked about his “sadness”. On the occasion of my business trip to the U.S.A, I visited Tommy and could not believe my eyes. After one year going to the U.S.A, my son changed from being a weak, pale, and short boys to a tall, strong and grown man. When I arrived, Tommy just got back from his surfing time with friends. He told me to wait for him to have a shower.

I walked into Tommy’s room and found some medicine containers with white pills on the table. I was worried and smelled them. I thought that my son was enticed to use “opium”. Unexpectedly, Tommy told me they were not drugs, but supplement which is used popularly in the U.S. by many people for health care. Tommy told me that his friends introduced Nubest Tall, an effective product. He also said that now he did not want to go to parties. When seeing friends going to work to earn money, study and travel, we got used to with such a lifestyle. He just spent a part of money that I sent to his account. He said he would use the rest for business. I could not believe my ears. He has changed totally and not been “extravagant” like before.

One year later, Tommy returned home and brought so many things. He said that they were gifts for us from U.S. girls. Among them, there were about 20 bottles of healthy growth supplement NuBest Tall. Tomy said that those were special gifts for his siblings.

In Qatar, there are a high number of workers who come from many countries, have different skin colours and different height. When hiring workers for new real estate projects, I always remind my staff to choose high and big people. However, I forgot to take care of my children’s height. My shortcomings were repaired by powerful growth supplement NuBest Tall from Tommy. I am very happy when seeing my son who has a tall, strong and grown man. In a country like Qatar, this feeling is priceless (Bassam Alrawi - 47 years old, Doha, Qatar).

(*) We assure that this article is based on the real-life results from our customers. We do not have any intention of creating any misleading information but respect the way our customers expressed their opinions.


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