Story of a father on his journey "seeking" the height for his son

When life in USA was gradually stabilized, realizing that my son was shorter than his friends, I started to think of way to improve my son's height. Surprisingly, after 2 years of using NuBest Tall, I found considerable improvements on my son.

I was in born in 1963 in Xuan Loc District, Dong Nai Province. At that time, the war in the South of Vietnam was in the most violent period. when I was 6 or 7 years old and we did have enough rice, all members of my family had to eat rice with sweet potatoes and cassava because of poverty. When we did have enough sweet potatoes, my parents had to fast to leave their food for their children. As the oldest brother, I also gave my food to my younger brothers and sisters. There were days when I felt so hungry that I just drank water and slept in order to forget the hunger.

In 1981, I escaped from my home to follow the "call" of the present situation because of poverty and dark future. At that time, my uncle and I got into a ship and crossed the ocean to set foot on the promised land (the USA). However, after one month of floating on the ocean, our ship did not arrive in the USA and was "stopped" in the Philippines. In the Philippines, my uncle and I and all the people on the ship had to live a new life.

After nearly one year of learning American and American culture and working hard in the Philippines, I was officially "freed" right in the land where I always hoped to live. In the USA, we realized that life was not like a dream. My uncle and I separated. In order to earn money in Texas, I had to do a lot of different jobs such as serving in restaurants, cleaning shops, watching out cars and shovelling snow, etc. On winter days, the weather in the USA was extremely cold. At that time, I only wished that I had had a sweet potato or cassava. Honestly, I did not feel hungry but it was just because I missed my home. When thinking of my family, I was determined to work hard to earn a lot of money and soon reunite with my parents and my younger brothers and sisters in the USA.

In nearly 10 years of working hard, I accumulated an amount of money to "bring" my parents and my younger brother and sisters to the USA. However, because my parents could not stand being far away from Vietnam, they refused to go to the USA. I decided to use that amount of money to open a small restaurant at the end of the city and to help the fourth younger sister to go to the USA for studying. Since then, I used a portion of my income to send to my parents and the remaining younger brothers and sisters. If I could arrange my work, I came back to Vietnam for Tet. Nevertheless, the number of times I returned to Vietnam was negligible. Therefore, days after days, years after years, I spent much time working and supporting my family in Vietnam. I even forgot about finding a wife.

At the age of 35, through the matchmaking of an employee of my restaurant, I had the opportunity to meet and get acquainted with a fellow countrywoman who was a few years younger than me. After 2 years, we decided to get married. A year later, my wife gave birth to our first son. Living far away from home, getting married quite late and being a father for the first time, I loved my new family very much.

Since my baby's birth, my work has become better. My son soon entered secondary school. At the same time, I opened the fifth restaurant in my restaurant chain. One day, on the occasion of opening the sixth restaurant, I suggested my son to invite his classmates to join us. At the first time I met his classmates, I felt worried because my son was the shortest person on the team. Therefore, I strengthened the supplementation of milk and vitamins to his diets for a long time. However, my son's height was not improved much. In my thoughts, because my son was an Asian person and both my wife and I were short, it was obvious that he was short too.

In summer of 2015, my wife and I decided to take him to Vietnam in order that he could visit his grandparents and relatives and know more about his origin and homeland. Since my baby's birth, I have not returned to Vietnam because I could not arrange my work. Knowing that we would return to Vietnam, all our relatives in Vietnam felt very excited.

A hearing car horn sounds in front of the alley, all my nephews and nieces ran out of the house to welcome us. Getting out of the car, I almost did not recognize my youngest brother's son. By Facetime, I could contact him. In addition, thanks to him, I could connect with his parents. As far as I knew, when my son was born, my youngest brother's wife was still pregnant. However, my youngest brother's son was taller than my son although my youngest brother and his wife were not taller than me and my wife. Feeling that something went wrong, I brought that "funny" thought into the first meeting dinner.

At the meeting dinner, I asked my youngest brother about how his son is so tall like that. I knew that my youngest brother's son used NuBest Tall - an innovative health growth supplement. At that time, I still did not trust that product. However, after being counselled by the distributor of this product in Vietnam (TVBUY), I knew that NuBest Tall was manufactured in the USA. Moreover, NuBest Tall also received many international certificates and was approved "certificate of free sale" by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Furthermore, this product is now being sold on in the USA - one of the most leading online shopping website. Therefore, after returning to the USA, I immediately ordered NuBest Tall for my son.

After 6 months of using NuBest Tall, I noticed some great changes. As a result, I decided to order more NuBest Tall for my son.

After 2 years of using NuBest Tall regularly and playing the sport properly, from the shortest person in the class, my son now becomes a "cowboy" with the height of 5'10". I am very excited!

Thank NuBest Tall! (Mr Kent Nguyen - 55 years old, Texas, USA).

(*) We assure that this article is based on the real-life results from our customers. We do not have any intention of creating any misleading information but respect the way our customers expressed their opinions.


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