Leg-lengthening surgery - Is it worth the risk?

For those who wish to be taller, leg-lengthening surgery is the only surefire method to change their lives. But is it worth the risk? For all the pain, the cost, and the danger, people should think twice in leg-lengthening surgery.


You can’t imagine how hurtful it is when the doctor breaks your bones apart and inserts some pins and screws into them. Don’t think about pain killers! Due to inhibiting the bone growth, they are used to an absolute minimum. 


Not all of us can afford it. It costs around $90,000 in the US and $15,000-$60,000 in other countries. Be well-prepared because you’ll probably make no money within a year without working. 


It takes your bones 3-4 months to reach the desired length. They grow just 1 mm a day. During that time, all you have to do is lay in bed and endure the pain and discomfort. Then, you’ll have 3-6 months of physical therapy, which is also pretty painful.


Such a life-changing surgery may come with a wide range of possible complications like bone infection, nerves and blood vessels injuries, delayed bone healing and unequal lengthening. Are you brave enough to give it a try? 

Perhaps, you should consider the alternative methods to make you taller. You can totally increase your height by eating right foods, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and maintaining good posture during your growing years. Besides, taking height growth supplements is also an effective way to unlock your fullest potential height. 

NuBest Tall, a height growth supplement that is loved worldwide for children and teenagers, was formulated by the U.S. Medical Doctors after years of research. Packed with super powerful ingredients like Calcium Carbonate (nano), Hydrolyzed Collagen and precious herbs, NuBest Tall is scientifically shown to speed up bone growth, boost natural growth hormone release and empower overall health. Over the years, NuBest Tall has been helping millions of children and teenagers around the world increase their height successfully.


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