Which country has the best height growth supplements?

The height enhancement supplements from the United States, Japan, and Korea each boast unique advantages and applications. Yet, it's widely acknowledged among consumers that American formulations stand out as the superior choice. Numerous factors contribute to this consensus. In the following discourse, we'll delve into the reasons behind the preference for American height growth pills.

The concept of "height growth pills" was formed in the 1980s in Japan. However, the USA is the country that developed and honored this concept. Similarly, the first height growth pill was also originated in Japan but it was the USA that brought this product to the world. The question is which country has produced the best height growth pills so far.

Height growth pills were originated in Japan but the USA is the country that honored it

In the 1980s, Japanese medical agencies acknowledged that nutrition and health care were the solutions to help improve life quality, health and longevity of the population.

Japanese medical officials also recognized that improving health from passive nutrition resources in food in accordance with usual ways would take time. Receiving nutrients from food passively also caused the imbalance in the process of improving overall health in accordance with the general strategy of the Japanese government.

Therefore, Japanese nutritionists thought of a product that contained full of nutrients needed for the body and was extracted from the daily diet. Moreover, these nutrients could be also absorbed easily into the body and were compatible with every condition of the human body. That product was called a dietary supplement. 

Similarly, height growth pills were originated in Japan. After World War II, Japan planned to improve height for all their people from nutrition. In this period, research programs of nutrition were the premise for current height growth pills.

Although the USA was not the country that invented height growth pills, the Americans received this scientific achievement from Japan, developed it and brought it to the world. The Americans even brought height growth pills back to Japan.

Japan invented height growth pills but they could not popularize their achievements to the world because of "cultural barriers". The USA is a country with modern science and technology. Moreover, the USA is also a pioneering country in the dietary supplement industry of the world and has an open culture of the West. Thanks to those factors, the American has honored height growth pills although they did not invent it.


How do height growth pills of the USA differ from height growth pills of Japan and Korea?

The Japanese height growth pills are evaluated as quality and efficient products by the majority of clients. However, the title of "the most efficient and reliable height growth pills" is belonging to the USA. Americans selectively inherited the Japanese achievements and developed and optimized them at the same time, so the quality of height growth pills of the USA is guaranteed and even much more outstanding than the same kind of products of Japan.

In addition to the USA and Japan, there are some countries that have manufactured a wide variety of dietary supplements (including height growth pills) such as Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore. These countries did not invent the formulation and did not optimize the products' quality. They are only "benefited" from the transfer of technology from the USA and Japan.

The dietary supplements of Korea, Taiwan and India are hard to meet quality requirements as the USA. In fact, the USA mainly focuses on controlling the quality and the safety of dietary supplements. This is clearly shown through their U.S. FDA criteria. Being approved by FDA, the growth height pills are recognized for their quality and safety and they can be circulated freely throughout the USA. It can be seen that other countries are hard to keep up with the US in strictly implementing the criteria for selection of raw materials and processing technology and for hygiene in production.

Selecting height growth pills of the USA has been the tendency of consumers

Thanks to the high quality, American dietary supplements in general and height growth pills, in particular, are increasingly preferred by the clients. Not only the Americans but also the consumers throughout the world have trusted and chosen the dietary supplements manufactured by the USA.

Over the past few years, selecting the American height growth pills has become the tendency of consumers throughout the world.

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