The encounter that changed the height of an Indian boy

I am lucky because just via a meeting by coincidence, my life has started a new chapter, in which I am no longer feel sad or worried about my short stature. I know, just like me, there is still a lot of people out there who remains less confident about their height. Therefore, I decided to share my story on how I have improved my height. I hope it will also help you to find out an effective method for yourself. (Shivam – 18 year-olds, Ahmedabad, India)

A person of short stature and afraid of leg-lengthening surgery

I was born and grew up in Ahmedabad city, Gujarat state - one of the noisiest city in India. My parents opened a vegetarian restaurant. Hardly did they stay at home because they were spending all their time at the restaurant. For that reason, they had a babysitter for my sister and I.

At first, I did not understand why people in my family are all short. My father was 5 feet 5 while my mom was five-feet. About my sister, before her leg-lengthening surgery, she was 4 feet 8 while I was only 5 feet. Due to this, I was not able to pursuit my dream of being a tour guide.

In my family, I deeply care for my sister, and one thing I noticed about her is that she was always felt sad about her relationship. I saw her frequently going home and crying. My mom and dad told me she was rejected by her boyfriends. In their eyes, she just was not tall enough. One of her friends recommended herthe leg-lengthening surgery, and she decided to do it.

Unluckily, the doctor in charge of the operating was lack of experience, as a result, she only grew taller by 1.2 inches which was not an expected number. The number could have been up to 3.1 to 3.9 inches provided it was done properly. After the surgery, she had to stay in bed for half a year and the other half for getting used to walking normally again. During that time, she could not move heavily and comfortably. Whenever the temperature drops, her two legs would be frostbite, and could not even lip them up. Witnessing all hardships she has been through, even still having the desire to be tall, I could only wish.

Having said that, a short height still made my life uncomfortable. At that time, I was only over 5 inches, and being short was the main reason that mademea frequent victim of being bulliedat school. Could not join any club, I locked myself in playing games, watching movies, and was afraid of going out even to my family’s restaurant. The fear ofbeing judged for my appearanceis something bothered me the most. I could not ask my parents for help becausethey were too busy with their restaurant to have time for me. The good thing about them is their money. They are willing to give us money anytime.

A coincident encounter and an unexpected outcome

When I was in high-school, I had the habit of visiting Jama Masjid mosque, a place not very far from my house, twice a week. The mosque’s peaceful atmosphere helps me relaxed. Visiting this place regularly, I happened to know Ravi, son of a famous bakery owner in Ahmedabad.  He is a player of our city football team, and tended to visit here for relaxing wheneverhe feels he had made some mistakes in the team. My first impression about him washis exceptional height, and the way he usually happily smiled back at me.

Often, wemet each other at the mosque. Having been sharing our stories together for some times, webecame best friends. I told him my main concern about the height and initially thought that a person as tall as him would never understand the feeling of someone like me. Surprisingly, hesaid he understood my feeling. His parents were also short, just below 5 foot 2 inches. Being afraid of their son would be short also, they really care about him, and encourage him with enough nutrient intake, exercising regularly, enough sleep for him to reach a good height. Despite all of their effort, he was still under an average height and being made fun from his friends. Luckily, in one occasion, he went to the USA visiting his aunt and uncle. They bought him three bottles of NuBest Tall – a healthy growth supplement from USA for children and teens from 5 years old. His aunt said this this product are very popular in the US, and people had gained more a significant result from using it.

Finishing the first three bottles, he noticed some slight yet good changes. Because of it, he asked his aunt to buy him three more bottles. Later, he saw NuBest Tall also appeared on Indian Ebay, therefore, he no longer had to ask her aunt to ship for him all the way from the US. Just like that, he had been using NuBest Tall consistently for 3 consecutive years with the combine of a balanced diet, regular exercises and sleeping early. In the end, he had reached an impressive height of 5 feet 9 inches. Back to that time, I was listening to his story intensively without missing a single detail. I quickly wrote down the name, and took a picture of the supplement he recommended.

Arriving home, I instantly looked up on the internet information about NuBest Tall. This product is made in USA, had FDA USA certified, and allowed to sell in the USA, and on Amazon in particular. In addition, in India, NuBest Tall were also available on Ebay. It received many positive feedbacks from customers, and many of them had got nice results thanks to NuBest Tall. The ingredients of NuBest Tall consist of precious herbs which boost healthier bone growth and improve overall health naturally. Moreover, it also contains Calcium, Collagen Hydrolysate, and some nutrients that improve sleep. I got our parents to take a look on the product’s information, and told them I would like to try it. They were very supportive me, and agreed to buy me 4 bottles of NuBest Tall.

I dedicated to do everything necessarily as long as I can grow taller. At this time, I was just 16, and used this product accordingly to it written instruction. I followed a heathy diet, drank more milk, got to the bed early. I also swam more, did Pull-ups frequently. After finishing the first four bottles, the result was remarkable. I was so happy, and so were my parents.

In 2 years of using NuBest Tall, I have got awesome changes, from initial 5 feet to about 5 feet7 inches at the age of 18, an amount which I never dared to dream before. Due to that, I now am very confident, enjoy doing things I like, and go to my parent’s restaurant more often. About Ravi, he is not only my hero, but also about to become my brother-in-law. I wish if my sister had known this product sooner, she could have been got good results like me.

I am currently happy with my life. Currently, I am about to have an upcoming exam to Ahmedabad university, major in Business. I chose this course to maintain our family business after I graduate. Thank Ravi and NuBest Tall for playing an important role in improving my height, thus changing my life.

(*) We assure that this article is based on the real-life results from our customers. We do not have any intention of creating any misleading information but respect the way our customers expressed their opinions.