Top six increase height exercises

Physical exercises play a significant role in human height growth. Exercising regularly can lead to increase in height as proven by various scientific studies. When you exercise, the decompression in your vertebrae get removed that tend to get compressed with time. This in turn leads to improving height.

If you are in your mid-twenties, then it is the ideal time to indulge in exercising because it is a time-tested method for enhancing height. When you take the right kind of nourishing food containing lots of protein, you can look at far-reaching results.

A word of caution – Neither overdo nor underdo – Exercise only about 2 to 3 times in a week. These are a few of the recommended increase height exercises.

The top six increase height exercises

Hanging exercise

This is one of the most effective increase height exercises. By hanging, you are working with gravity. It is a known fact that gravity tends to compress our spine. When you hang, you allow your vertebrae to extend. 


- Use a horizontal bar. Alternately you can hang from a tree branch, too.

- Run and hold the bar with your palms facing out.

- Relax your upper torso and the hips so that gravity can work on your spine.

- Hang for about half a minute.  

- Do it at least thrice daily.

Cobra position

This is another method to increase height. As a yoga exercise, it lets the cartilage located between the vertebrae grow and extend. You exercise your spine, abdomen, chest, and shoulders effectively as increase height exercise.


- Lie down on your abdomen on a mat on the floor.

- Bring your palms up and place them under your shoulders.

- Now, lift your upper half and arch your back as much as possible.

- Stay in the arched position for at least 30 seconds.

- You can repeat this exercise at least five times a day to achieve the best results.


An optimized way to increase height exercise, this is also something that you can do indoors and outdoors with ease. The basic aim here is to jump. Jumping tends to increase the length of your legs. Skipping is an enjoyable way.


This is simple. There is no set procedure as such. Just make sure that when you land on the surface each time, you do so using both your legs. Also, jump and come back to the ground in a way that both the legs take off and come back simultaneously.


This is one of the best ways to increase height. In this workout, you can stretch your spine and upper body and stretch the vertebrae in the neck region.


- Lie down on your back on the ground.

- Keep your arms on your sides.

- Ensure that the palms are facing down.

- Now, use both your legs together to raise them straight up, pointing upwards.

- Bring your legs over your head and try to touch the ground near your head.

Alternate kicking of legs

As a method to increase height exercise, this workout comes from Tae Kwon Do. Just like in martial arts, you need to kick your legs in the air. Though primarily it is meant to help you learn how to defend yourself, this is the ideal increase height exercise. This is because it lengthens your legs and extends your muscles.


- Stand straight. Keep your fists tight.

- Now, kick your legs, one by one in the air.

- Simultaneously throw the hands from the opposite side into the air.

- This means that when you lift your right leg, you should raise your left hand too.

Cat stretch 

This is another excellent way to stretch your spine; hence one of the preferred increase height exercises. It is also meant to strengthen your chest and shoulders as well as your back. Doing this workout is the ideal way to stretch your hamstrings too.


- You need to achieve the cat position.

- Place your hands and knees on the floor. Arms stretched out.

- Inhale in when you flex your spine and exhale when arching your spine taut with your head down.


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