Does Basketball Make You Taller?

Basketball is played by tall people, mainly because of the height of the rim and the dynamics of the game. But does basketball make you taller? Or will you be taller if you play this sport regularly? The answer is revealed below.

Does playing basketball make you grow taller?

We know why many people reckon that basketball may support their height. One common reason is that NBA players are tall since they play this sport too much. However, the truth is that these players are tall probably due to their genes and their diet routine.

Another reason is that growth hormones are produced with continuous jumping. Yes, this action helps increase the electric flow from the body to the brain, which stimulates growth hormones, increasing height. Moreover, if your growth plates are still open, landing on the ground after throwing the body in the air would enable blood flow in these plates and make you grow taller.

So, what does science say?

Unfortunately, no evidence to date proves that basketball might make you taller. But that should not stop you from engaging in the game you love. While it will not increase your height, it can give you a fitter and better body.


Why are basketball players so tall?

Most NBA players are genetically gifted individuals. But there are lots of contributing factors that assist them in being tall.


That said, basketball players are tall because of regular workouts. Professional players often follow an intensive exercise routine to keep themselves fit and agile. Also, most start playing from a young age, which allows them to get taller naturally.


A proper and well-balanced diet can do wonders for height gain because our body needs enough vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to grow effectively. And basketball players always follow a strict diet to acquire maximum physical development.


Sleeping is a must to help the body recover, regrow, and relax. Importantly, during sleep, growth hormone is naturally produced. So, you need to rest and sleep at suitable intervals.

Gym training

Basketball players need to go to the gym to train regularly. Also, they should have a professional coach to guide them. When working out, the testosterone level increases, which supports height gain naturally.

Dietary supplements

In addition to natural ways, many consider taking supplements since these products are mainly loaded with necessary nutrients for supporting overall growth and development. But you need to consult your doctor to pick a suitable one for your demands.

How old should you start playing basketball?

Indeed, it is never too late to play this sport. But if possible, start at a very young age.

Children at 5 and 6 years old can start learning the basics of basketball. Although they are not ready to play in a team at this age, it is a suitable time to learn how to catch, throw, and bounce the ball. When they are 7 to 9, they can learn the rules and practice dribbling the ball. And then participate in a youth team to practice more and sharpen their skills.

If your children are truly serious about this game at age 10 to 12, you should send them to a basketball clinic so that they can practice more.


Is it necessary to practice daily?

The standard hours are between 2 and 4 hours per day. Children should do it for at least 2 hours if they have school. But during weekends, it is fine to practice for 4 hours.

Indeed, the key is to perform it consistently. No matter how long they practice in one day, if they do not carry it out regularly, there will be no results. For instance, if you practice up to 10 hours a day, but only do it once a week, you will never improve your basketball performance or any health benefits. On the contrary, thirty minutes of basketball practice daily may put you on the next level.

How to play basketball to support height gain?

Some activities involved in basketball, when performed correctly and on a regular basis, may make you taller.


Yes, basketball involves lots of running, whether you are doing it with the ball or without it. As we know, running is one of the main stimulants of growth hormone secretion, so it is easy to make the connection here.


Dribbling with both hands, instead of using your dominating hand, is an excellent way to boost HGH production, which leads to a height increase. Also, it helps stretch both arms equally and promotes overall growth.


Shooting the ball requires the fingers and wrist of the dominating hand, while the other hand acts as a support for the ball’s position. Relying on that, the dominating arm is completely stretched for the ball release, creating a boost in height. Also, when shooting, you need to jump straight up to get extra power from your shot, which also supports height gain.


Aside from practicing shooting, running up on the hoop to collect your rebound is vital. This activity requires you to jump to grab the ball when it bounces free, which is helpful for the overall growth of the body, including your height.


When you jump up to the rim of the basketball and plant the ball inside, you need to jump at a great big height. Also, consistent jumping to practice this activity helps you reach your target in your quest to be taller.

What are the other benefits of basketball?

The truth is that any type of physical activity, like basketball, brings a host of health benefits.

Increased stamina

Basketball requires lots of sprinting. While you need to run up and down the court, the heart and lungs need to work extra hard to absorb oxygen into the muscles. This makes your cardio shape good, thereby increasing your stamina level and decreasing the risk of developing heart disease later in life. 

Good shape

If you want to shed a couple of extra pounds, play basketball. All the quick lateral movements give you an aerobic workout, which helps burn many calories. For an hour of basketball, a 165-pound person can expect to burn around 600 calories. Click here to know clearly!

Full-body toning

Getting a full-body workout while playing this sport helps build lean muscles in the lower back, core, neck, and deltoids. In a study, untrained men went through 3 months of basketball training, which had a positive effect on their body composition and overall fitness [1].


Improved balance and coordination

Playing basketball requires excellent hand-eye and foot coordination as well as full-body coordination. The more you play, the more time you develop these skills. For instance, dribbling helps you train your hand-eye coordination, while rebounding supports full-body coordination.

Quick thinking

Basketball is not only a fast-paced sport that needs a lot of physical skills but also a mind game in that you need to think on your toes. It requires heavy concentration so you can quickly and properly process what is occurring on the court and then give accurate decisions to control the ball.

Stress relief

Working out regularly helps release endorphins which are known as the happiness hormones to improve mood and relaxation. They also reduce pain and depression as well as promote work performance. 


What is the average height of basketball players?

In the 2021-2022 NBA season, the average height of NBA players was 6 feet 6 inches (198.6 centimeters), which is around 8 inches taller than the average American male height.

What to eat while playing basketball?

It is vital to follow some basic dietary recommendations below.

  • A diet should include at least 60% carbohydrates, 20% protein, and 20% healthy fats.

  • Consume a variety of healthy foods, such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, etc.

  • Limit the intake of sodium, sugar, and fat.

  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration while working out.

  • Have 5 to 7 small meals during the day to deliver enough energy.

Who should not play basketball?

Although basketball can be played by anyone, if you are suffering from any health issues like slipped discs or bone fractures, you should consult your doctor’s advice.

What to consider?

  • Be aware that this sport requires lots of running, jumping, twisting, and pivoting, so accidents and injuries can happen with ease.

  • It requires a lot of stress on the legs and shoulders.

  • Always warm up and stretch your muscles and joints before and after playing.

  • Do not overdo it (depending on your age and health conditions).

  • Have plenty of fluids on hand.

In short

The idea that playing basketball can make you taller has been around for years, but scientific evidence does not support it. We all know height is mainly determined by genetic factors and secondarily by proper nutrition during childhood and adolescence. However, the good news is that engaging in basketball or any physical activity delivers a wide range of benefits for health and athletic performance.


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