A Korean student's journey to say goodbye to padded shoes

It is unbelievable. In a short period of time, NuBest Tall can increase my height so fast. Now, I am completely confident to go to school without "depending on" my high and tight padded shoes.

I was born and grew up in Busan. When I was 14 years old, my family had to move to Seoul because of a big event. On the first days in a large city, my family had to rent a house in a residential area far from the centre. In order to go to school every day, I had to spend 30 minutes on the bus.

According to me, schools in Seoul were rather beautiful and modern. However, friends in here were not "friendly" as I thought. On the first day at school, after knowing that I had just moved to Seoul from Busan, the class seemed to be very surprised. I even heard some bad words about me such as "No wonder we have the smell of seafood in our class when you walk in", "Eh, eating much seafood, why are you so short", etc. I did not care about those bad words, then I smiled and went back to my seat.

As a new member of the class, I was afraid to start a conversation with other classmates. During the break, watching my classmates talking and laughing with each other, I also wanted to join but I could not do that. There was a truth that I felt very inferior when someone told me that I was short. In Busan, when I and my friends gathered at their houses to do homework, being told by their mothers that I was so short, I felt inferior and refused to go there again. Knowing that I was short, I tried a lot to study well and behave well. Therefore, I did not like to be undervalued only because of my appearance. In the second month from the day I moved to a new class, I was still as shy as the first day. Everyone also did not even notice me. I felt so sad.

In Seoul, the buses in the early morning and in rush hours were always crowded. Because my school and my house were in the middle bus stop, I often chose a small corner near the Z door and stood there when every time I got into a bus. This corner was very narrow and low and I was the only one that fitted it. To be fair, my modest height only brought that benefit to me.

One day, at my school's badminton competition, being the shortest player in my team, after many times of failing to block the shuttlecock, other players "separated" me from the team. Being disappointed about myself, I decided to search for all methods to increase my height through the Internet. For half of a year, I drank many kinds of height growth milk, ate lots of seafood, and played many kinds of sports. Nevertheless, my height was not improved. Finally, in order not to be "short" anymore, I kept wearing padded shoes to school every day. However, this "attempt" made me become more "different" in other people's eyes.

One Sunday, two years ago, thinking a lot of my friends' rumours about my height and even the eyes of the strangers on the road, I stepped into the bus and went from this bus stop to other bus stops. At a bus stop in the suburbs, suddenly there was a tall female passenger stepping into the bus and sat next to me. Seeing that I was crying, she sincerely asked. Realizing that she was so sincere, I told her my story. After listening to my story, she also cried and told me that she used to be bullied at school because of her modest height. At that time, she had to quit school for one year for psychological stabilization. She advised me to use NuBest Tall - the product that helped her to come back to school and obtain her current height.

Arriving home, before asking my parents about an order on Amazon.com, I hurriedly searched all information about NuBest Tall. It turned out that this was an advanced growth supplement which helped improve bone growth and overall health and came from the US. This product received all international certificates, including certificate of free sale by the U.S FDA. Moreover, this product also contained Calcium and Collagen that could speed up the absorption of calcium, and, above all, it stimulated the fast and safe development of the bone. After knowing all ingredients, usages and certificates of NuBest Tall, I was surprised that my parent allowed me to use this product without hesitation.

After the first 6 months using NuBest Tall, I was extremely surprised. I felt clear that the clothes that I used to wear became shorter. After 2 years of trying to do exercises and play sport regularly, sleeping before 10:00 PM, sleeping 8 hours per day and using NuBest Tall regularly, from a girl who had to wear padded shoes every day, I am now 170cm. With this spectacular change, I am extremely happy. I feel lucky to be introduced NuBest Tall. Now, I am completely confident to go to school without depending on that high and tight shoes (Ji-Young, 17 years old, Korea).

(*) We assure that this article is based on the real-life results from our customers. We do not have any intention of creating any misleading information but respect the way our customers expressed their opinions.