Snacks that help children grow taller

In addition to three main meals, children need at least 2 snacks per day to provide enough nutrients for daily activities as well as for physical development. Paying attention to the nutritional content of snacks is one of the methods to support height growth that parents should not ignore.

Orange juice

Orange juice contains large amounts of calcium and vitamin C. 100 grams of fresh oranges can supply the body with up to 40 mg of calcium. Therefore, drinking orange juice frequently will sufficiently provide the body with necessary calcium content, which supports bone growth in children. Parents can give their children a cup of fresh orange juice after they go home from school or play sports.


Almonds are rich in calcium, protein, vitamin E, potassium and unsaturated fats which are not only beneficial to health but also promote children's height growth. 28.3 grams of almonds contain about 75 mg of calcium. That's why almonds are very good for children who are in height growth stages. Mothers can make salted almonds, almonds roasted with butter or almond milk for their children.


A lot of children like fried cheese sticks because of their yummy taste while some parents worry that if their children eat a lot of cheese, they will be more likely to be obese. However, in fact, cheese is a rich source of calcium and protein which effectively supports children's height growth. If you are worried that you cannot control food quality, instead of letting your children eat cheese on the outside shops, you can make fried cheese sticks at home for your children in order to control the amount of cheese and ensure food safety and hygiene.


Being also a dairy product like cheese, yogurt is a favorite snack food that is slightly sour, not sweet and fatty like cheese. In addition to the high content of calcium, yogurt also contains lactic acid so eating it is good for children's health. After a meal about 30 minutes, parents should feed their children a jar of yogurt to effectively support the process of digesting foods and stimulate the height growth.

Fresh fruit

In fact, not many children enjoy fresh fruit. However, parents should encourage their children to eat fresh fruit every day to provide vitamins and minerals to their bodies and help them grow taller. In addition to drinking orange juice, parents can let children eat kiwi, bananas, strawberries, tangerines, pears, and apples. Just remember that children should not eat fruit when they are hungry because this will harm their digestive systems and their health.


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