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If you know your order ID and your email, you can track your package here.

Or its easiest to track your order in your Account Page, go to Manage Orders Page and look for "Track Your Order" button. Click here to view your orders.



We have changed the product label of NuBest Tall without changing the benefits and ingredients of the product. Please take a look at the differences between our New and Old labels.


We do not recommend taking two products at the same time because it does not help to get better results. Users should take only one product at a time following the recommended dosage, and they may switch to another one when they have finished the first product.


Currently we do not accept orders by phone. If you would like to order our products, please place your order on our website


There are three ways you can pay us on the website:
1.    Use your PayPal account to make a payment.
2.    Pay us directly by Credit Card or Debit Card

To pay us directly by Credit Card or Debit Card, please select the “Pay by Card” option. You just need to enter the correct card number, expiration date and CVC code, then click on “Pay Now”. Now you have completed the payment, and our system will automatically send you an email to confirm your order. Please check your inbox and your spam folder carefully for the email.


We are sorry that we do not accept cash. To buy our products, please make a payment either via PayPal or by international debit/credit card. 


To order products on our website, please follow the guidelines below:
1. From our main page, click on the product you want to purchase. 
2. Choose the quantity you want, then click on “ADD TO CART”.
3. Select “CHECK OUT” to proceed to the next step.
4. At the beginning of your checkout section, enter your email address and continue as guest. If you have already registered an account, click on "Log in".

In case you would like to create a new account, click on "Log in", and select "Create an account" at the next step.

5. Fill out the recipient’s information, select the Shipping Method, and enter your Discount code if available. Please make sure that you enter accurate details in order for the package to be delivered at the right place.

6. To add or remove items, select "Edit Card" in the section of Order Summary. When you finish editing, select "CHECK OUT".

7. Make a payment by your debit/credit card or via PayPal.

Note: People under 18 are not entitled to card payments when purchasing our products online.

There a two options to pay for your items:

* If you choose the option “Pay by Card”, please fill out your card details, then click on “PAY NOW” to complete your payment.

* Otherwise, you can choose to pay via PayPal. After clicking on the "PAY NOW" button, you will be redirected to to complete your payment.

8. As you have completed your order, please check your Inbox and Spam folder for the confirmation email.


If your children cannot swallow the capsule, you can open up the capsule and mix the powder with water, milk, juice, smoothie or liquid foods such as porridge or soup. 


To ensure the security and safety of your transaction, we only accept cards that require payment verification with a code sent via SMS or email. You should enter a code to verify your payment so that your payment is complete. Payment verification is to ensure your payment is safe and ensure your rights when making transactions with us.

The verification code only serves to verify your payment. You can contact your bank if you have questions or you can switch to payment by Paypal account if you have difficulty with this verification.


We ship our products worldwide. If there is any limitation on shipment from the United States to your country due to Customs Regulations, your package will be shipped to you from one of our official distributors outside the US.


To check the shipping fee and shipping time, please choose the quantity of the product you want to buy, click on “Add to cart”, and proceed to check out. After you fill out your delivery information, select “Continue to shipping”. Shipping methods, shipping fees and estimated lead time for delivery will be displayed before you decide to make a payment.


We do not charge any taxes on our products. However, unexpected additional costs may arise when you receive your package at the customs in your country in case the customs has a regulation of charging fees on your goods. 
Please note that the recipient is responsible for any taxes or duty incurred at the customs in their country.


After your order is processed (24 hours since you complete your order on our website), tracking number and estimated delivery date will be sent to you via email. Please wait and check your inbox as well as your spam folder carefully to keep track of your package.


The recipient's address can be either an office address or home address. If you are not at the recipient’s address when the carrier delivers your package, it will be delivered in or at the mailbox, at the front door, at the doorstep or at the garage.



Our Office

1910 Thomes Ave,
Cheyenne, WY 82001, USA



Wichita, KS 67207, USA
Bethlehem, PA 18020, USA
Ontario, CA 91761, USA



+1 307-213-8118



NuBest (#nubest), pronounced as “Nu-Best”, is a premium supplement company specializing in health and beauty products. With customers in 118 countries around the world, NuBest® is a trusted brand of high-quality, natural supplements that can improve your energy, health and well-being.
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