- First, enter your email in the email address box here to get your unique referral link.

- Next, send the referral link to your friend by entering your friend's email address in the email box. At ""More Way to Share"", you can also choose to share the link with your friends via social platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and Twitter.

In case you already have an account on our website, you can see the unique referral link in your account after logging in. Copy the link and send it to your friends either via email or any social platform.

Once a friend clicks on the referral link, a pop-up showing the discount code will appear. Your friend can then make a purchase from this link. Please rest assured that the discount code will be automatically shown at the checkout for them.

No. You can refer a friend even when you don't have an account yet. However, to use the points rewarded from your referrals, you need an account activated in our system with your email address.
Yes, the minimum spend amount (value after discount) must be at least $35.00 USD.

There are some possible causes of this issue:

- Your friend's order may not meet the minimum spend amount of $35.00 USD.
- Your friend's order is not a first-time purchase on our website nubest.com

If your friend still has issues despite meeting all the requirements, please reach out to support@nubest.com for help.

Once an order using your referral code has been verified as a valid order, you will receive 1,000 points. To redeem the points into a $20 off voucher, you need to log into your account. Please make sure you have already registered and activated an account before redeeming vouchers.
No. You can refer as many of your friends as possible.
No. Your friend can only use one discount code per purchase.
No. You only get rewarded when it is your friend's first order.

Some scenarios may have triggered the error.

- The email address was possibly mistyped, or you forgot to put commas between multiple recipient emails to separate them.
- An error occurred in the system.

We recommend that you go back and make sure your friend's email address is entered again correctly. If the problem persists, please share the referral link via social platforms, or copy the link and send it to your friends via private message.

Please reach out to support@nubest.com for help if you have difficulties sending your referral link afterwards.