From Past to Present: Exploring Mother's Day Origins and Top Gifts for Every Mom

Mom is the one who gives birth, nurtures, guides, loves, and brings us the best possible unconditionally. It is no wonder we dedicate one special day to express our wholehearted gratitude and honor our incredible mothers. You might have been celebrating Mother’s Day for a while, but do you know how this day came to be? Have you ever wondered how people celebrate Mother’s Day in different parts of the world? After digging deeper into the history, we will turn our attention to the present, offering a curated gift guide tailored to every mom out there to make them feel cherished and loved

A Journey Through Time: The Origins of Mother's Day

Mother’s Day seems to be a modern invention. Still, the concept of honoring mothers has a rich history dating back various epochs and centuries. The general purpose of this day stems from the high regard society places on motherhood, regardless of culture, religion, or region. Let’s embark on the historical voyage to explore how ancient civilizations established the modern tradition of honoring mother figures.

In ancient Greece, the Greeks celebrated a springtime festival called “Heraia” in honor of Rhea, the “Mother of Gods” and the goddess of women, marriage, family, and childbirth. This marks one of the earliest celebrations regarding motherhood in society. On this day, offerings were made, and the women, especially the mothers, were feasted upon.

This tradition is also mirrored in Roman ancient culture, reflected through “Matronala,” a festival dedicated to Juno Lucina - the goddess of women and childbirth and the queen of Roman gods. Being held on March 1st annually, “Matronala” was a day for wives and mothers to receive presents and special treats from their husbands. People are involved in many activities, such as parades, games, and even masquerades. 

These two exemplary instances are not just only religious observances but also symbolize the importance of the mothers in the families and communities, which contributed to the foundation of society and its prosperity at the time.


From National Holiday to Personal Celebration: The Evolution of Mother's Day

During ancient times, Mother’s Day was a community-centric ritual and event, focusing more on the generalized concept of motherhood rather than on individual mothers. In these cultural celebrations of motherhood, people only emphasize the significant role of the mothers within the realms of fertility and the continuation of society.

The first transition to a more personal Mother’s Day began in the United States in the early 20th century, caused by Anna Jarvis. She is the daughter of a Civil War activist, who is credited for being a spearhead in the official Mother’s Day movement in the United States. After her mother died in 1905, Anna started to relentlessly campaign and advocate for a day dedicated to all mothers out there as a way to commemorate her mother’s life. With her determination, her campaign turned out to be successful.

In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson officially declared the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day. Javis envisioned this day as an intimate and private occasion for mothers and their families, characterized by the wearing of white carnations and the expression of affection as well as appreciation through personal acts of kindness. 

Global Celebrations - How Mother's Day is Celebrated Around the World 

Unlike the United States where Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, other countries following the U.S. to adopt Mother’s Day integrate to align better with their local customs and traditions. Here are the Mother’s Day traditions by country:

  • Australia and New Zealand: Similar to the U.S., Mother’s Day is also on the second Sunday of May. Children customarily give white carnations to their moms and serve them breakfast in bed. 
  • Thailand: Mother’s Day is nationally held in August alongside the birthday of the current Queen Sirikit, not only paying tribute to maternal figures but also reflecting the nation’s values. Children will traditionally give their mothers jasmine garlands and great blessings.
  • Japan: Meanwhile, children in Japan express gratitude to their mothers with red carnations to symbolize a living mother and white carnations representing a deceased mother. 

Each culture represents its ways of celebrating Mother’s Day, showing you a brief glimpse of the rich tapestry of Mother’s Day traditions worldwide. Despite its uniqueness, each community maintains a universal sentiment to show love and gratitude for the mothers. 

Find the Perfect Present: Your Guide to Personalized Mother's Day Gifts


Ignore the generic gifts and make your mom feel cherished by showing her that you truly care about her personality and needs. Here are some tips to help you effectively curate a thoughtful and personalized selection of gifts for your mom:

The Tech-Savvy Mom

For moms who love to update the latest gadgets with advanced features, consider buying her smart home devices (smart speakers, smart thermostats, smartwatch). In addition, you can consider electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, noise-canceling headphones), e-readers if she simultaneously loves reading and tech, or a fitness tracker if she cares about fitness and health. 

The Fashionable Mom

Your mom wants to look her best, stay ahead in fashion, and rock on the street with fashionable items. In this case, you can think of stylish accessories, such as a designer bag, sunglasses, luxury high heels, or a trendy dress. 

The Busy Bee Mom

If your mom is always occupied with work and household chores which leave little time and energy for her to rest and do other favorite activities, ease her stress by simplifying her life with voice-controlled or smart appliances. Minimizing manual work with an automatic vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, microwave, or smart television can be the best gifts for busy working moms. 

Besides, you can show your care for your mom’s health by choosing a high-quality supplement to help ensure the sufficiency of vitamins and minerals needed to maintain wellness, like Women’s Multi, from NuBest.

The Beauty Lover Mom 

Your mom always takes time and effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a youthful look, do not hesitate to surprise her with her dream skincare set or a newly launched eye palette from her favorite brands. You can also consider taking her to an exclusive body and facial treatment at a reputable spa to bring her a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. 

Alongside, gifting your mom a skin whitening supplement, like NuBest White, is also a perfect choice because it helps her eradicate dark spots and generate a brighter complexion. If your mom has been suffering from severe hair loss, consider Hair Xtra to increase the volume as well as healthy hair growth with a blend of biotin, zinc, choline, and vitamins. Or you can simply go for Collagen NuBest to address a wide range of aging problems related to hair, skin, and nails which annoy your mom. 


As we have explored the origins and the meaning behind Mother’s Day from its dawn to its modern incarnation, it is clear that the essence of this day is still maintained, transcending both time and geography. This is a special occasion for everyone to express deep appreciation for what their mothers have made for them. Besides, the acts of thoughtful giving should not be forgotten, whether it is a hand-picked flower, a personal note, a gift that caters to her needs, a present that speaks to her passion, or a simple act of kindness to show her your affection. Whatever you choose, make sure to express the depth of your gratitude and love to her.