The importance of height and suggestions to be taller

Many studies indicate that height only keeps growing until a person reaching 20 years old, maximum 25. This is also the age which we realize what we really need to be happy. The question is how important our height can be to our success and happiness. This article discusses key issues related to such matter.

The significance of height

Height is an important factor contributing to the first impression of a person. Sometimes, the first impression can be formed by the look, eyes, make-up or clothes, but in many cases, it is the height. However, not many people are truly aware of the importance of height in their lives. Height can be linked to power, confidence, attraction, and professional opportunities.

Height and Power

A study on Men’s Health suggests the correlation between a man’s height and his power. It researched a group of presidential candidates and concluded that that candidate with taller stature was within the winning groups or gaining more votes than their opponents. The data shows that there were 28 times tall candidates were able to win while short candidates only won 22 times. This also proves that people with an ideal height would normally bring trust to people around them. As a result, supposed there would be two candidates considered equal in terms of competencies, the person with a greater height would have more chances to win.

Height and confidence

Another impact of height is the level of confidence. In reality, an ideal height helps individuals be more confident in their looks. This goes beyond the process of accumulated knowledge allowing them to have the impression of people they talk to.  In contrast, people who do not have a good height would have difficulties making a good first impression unless they are good-looking or have a list of remarkable certificates.

Height and affection

With regard to affections, tall people are seen to be more attractive, and this is applied to both males and females. Furthermore, not only would it make them immensely proud but also bring more benefits to their filial generations. This is really important because genetics is one of the most important factors contributing to height growth.

Height and career opportunities

Many jobs with high regard in modern society such as police officers, pilots, flight attendances, models, actors/actresses share the same strict policy on how tall their candidates must be. Having said that, in reality, hardly does anyone meet these criteria. The rest, despite having a good-looking appearance or excellent certificates, would also not be able to pass the selection.

On one hand, a person’s weight is an aspect you can modify provided you can adjust your daily diet and regular activities at any time of a human’s life. On the other hand, we only can improve our height only before reaching the age of 20. After that, during the period during 20-25 years old, our heights constantly stay the same unless you perform a leg-lengthening surgery. However, this method comes with a greater extent of pain and potentially harmful consequences for the rest of the patient’s life.

Height is not the absolute factor determining someone’s success or failures. However, there will be a greater chance for you to be able to assess many opportunities which only come with tall people as long as you could understand the advantage of being height. Consequentially, allows you to leave a good first impression and be more confident. Furthermore, with the efforts of studying and accumulate knowledge, there will come more opportunities for people with good height compared to short people.

Advice to improve height effectively

If you would like to be more successful in your life, in the period when your height can still grow, it is important to focus on nutrient, exercises and sleep.

Nutrient: Planning a nutritious diet containing sufficient four classes: Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat, Vitamins and Minerals. Also, including in your diet foods that are good for growing height such as seafood; eggs; cabbage; spinach; milk, dairy products and Vitamin-rich fruits. In addition, it is necessary to remove junk foods, soft drinks, alcohol, stimulants from your daily diet.

Exercise: Having regular 1 hour daily exercises not only helps to improve your health but also make human joints more elastic and stronger. As a result, growth hormone would be secreted more which benefits height growth. Lists of healthy sports benefiting height development include Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Pulls-up, Cycling and so more. Depending on your abilities, you can choose which sports are best suited to practice every day.

Sleep: Growth hormone is released the most during the night or in our deep sleep mode in particular, from 11 PM to 01 AM in particular. Thus to have a greater height requires us to sleep early and enough. Not only is this good for your health but also make sure the growth hormone to be released more. Last but not least, you are to sleep before 10 PM, have enough 8 hours every day, sleep in a comfortable bed and a quiet room without having too many lights.

To conclude, paying attention to nutrient, exercises and sleep during early ages is the shortest way for individuals to achieve an ideal height. By doing so, you would have a more successful life awaiting you in the future.