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Found In
Red meats, organ meats, and eggs
Choline Bitartrate
Increase keratin production*
Sustain healthy and strong hair*
Support overall liver health*
Maintain good mental health*
Support DNA synthesis*
Choline helps prevent hair loss and thinning as well as regulate memory, mood, muscle control, and other functions
Choline and Magnesium co-supplementation was more effective in improving inflammation and endothelial dysfunction than supplementation with Choline or Magnesium alone.
Scientifically Proven Benefits
We base our choice of which nutrients to include in our formula on a growing body of research conducted by prestigious organizations. Of the thousands of clinical studies that guide our nutrient selection process, the titles below stand out as highly influential.
Effect of oral intake of choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid on hair tensile strength and morphology in women with fine hair
University of Cincinnati
Choline metabolism provides novel insights into nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and its progression
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Choline’s role in maintaining liver function: new evidence for epigenetic mechanisms
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Choline, its potential role in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, and the case for human and bacterial genes
The University of Western Australia
There are 85308 studies on CHOLINE and counting.