My skin becomes beautiful thanks to my fiancé's gift

My fatigue and tiredness came to an end after I had used NuBest White - a natural skin whitening supplement (Lalita Paisarn - 31 years old, Bangkok, Thailand).

My family had three sons and one daughter. As the only youngest daughter, I was always pampered by my parents and brothers. However, when I grew up, I realized that I only got love from my family. People around me always took me as a subject to joke and tease because of my dark skin with lots of freckles.

I was the daughter who looked exactly the same as my father with a tall body and a dark skin like sunburn. In high school, while other schoolgirls looked beautiful with white skin and fashionable clothes and got attention of schoolboys, I always wore baggy gymnastic clothes to cover up the defects of my skin and of course there was no schoolboy paying attention to me. Whenever I appeared, my classmates laughed at me and teased me, which made me extremely sad and bored.

I tried to focus all my time and my spirit on learning. As the result, with my good academic record, I passed the entrance exam to one of the top universities in Bangkok. My college years were not much better than high school years. However, with an excellent bachelor's degree, I easily found a stable job in a large financial company in the city.

Being very busy with my work and feeling disappointed with my appearance, I was too unconfident to think of love. Until one day, the sales manager of my company appeared. Being handsome and smart, he got the admiration not only from me but also from most of the girls in the company. Many girls tried to attract his attention but they all failed. Every day I silently followed all his activities in the company as well as on Facebook because my feelings for him continued to grow.

I kept my distance from him because of my inferiority complex about my bad skin. On the contrary, he treated me gently and calmly. One evening, my company held a party to celebrate the success of a big project. After the party, I could not go home because it was raining and I had no umbrella. Seeing me standing at the door of the restaurant, he appeared with a large umbrella and expressed his desire to take me to the car. His kindness in that evening gave me the courage to tell him about my feelings for him.

That night I went home and got fever due to the rain so I could not go to work in the next morning. Moreover, I was really worried because of not knowing how to face him. Feeling ashamed, I even thought about the resignation. That evening he came to visit me and told me that he was also very impressed by my diligence and sociability right from the first time we met. Just like me, he also followed all my activities through my Facebook. That evening we talked a lot and promised to try to love and care for each other more.

Knowing that he and I were falling in love with each other, the girls in the company changed their attitude towards me immediately. Hearing some bad words from them, I went to the toilet and watched myself in the mirror. At that time, I realized that I was not that bad. Everyone still praised me for my appearance. However, it was because of my ugly skin that I did not look attractive at all.

Maybe he also realized my inferiority complex so he treated me very well. On the occasion of my 30th birthday, he bought me a beautiful watch with three bottles of NuBest White. I was very surprised by this special gift. He held me in his arms and told me that he understood my inferiority complex so he had spent a lot of time to find a high-quality skin whitening supplement. After a period of searching, he found out NuBest White and believed my skin would be improved by using this product. Feeling his great love for me, I trusted him and diligently used NuBest White every day, combined with sun protection, ate plenty of vegetables and drank plenty of water. Only after 3 months, my skin changed dramatically and became smoother and softer. Furthermore, my freckles also gradually faded away. Realizing its effectiveness,  I had him buy some more bottles and kept using them so far.

Only a few days, he and I will officially get married. My charming appearance and my beautiful skin will make me feel more confident when walking beside him - the man of my life. Thank him for coming to me, bring me love, happiness and perfect white skin.

(*) We assure that this article is based on the real-life results from our customers. We do not have any intention of creating any misleading information but respect the way our customers expressed their opinions.