Experience of an Indian girl having difficulties in looking for suitor due to her short stature

In my life, I experienced many “proposal rejections”, not for my ugly appearance, but my shortness. I thought that I could not get married, but eventually my life changed a lot thanks to the healthy growth supplement, NuBest Tall.

I am Anita Modi. I was born in the suburban area of Rakot City. At the age of 13, I left school to help my parents with housework and  to take care of my younger siblings. In Raikot, girls often get married early at the age of 14 or 15. Many of my friends are married in the temples at the witness of the Deity.

As I always believe in the Deity, I pray to Krishna that I could find a husband who truly loves me. Sometimes, I wonder whether I would be beautiful in the sari costume in my wedding; how my husband would be; and if I would be happy.

I remember, on a beautiful day when I was 15, one of our relatives took some strangers to my house. A neighbor said that they came to propose me. Although I thought of that day, I still felt confused and scared. I almost dropped the cakes and tea when I brought them to invite the guests. At that time, a woman among them stared at me and noticed all of my actions. However, she did not say anything or get anything I gave her. Then she left hurriedly. Two days later, my mother told me thatthis woman came to our house to find a wife for her son. As her son is  tall and big, she “descried” that I am not his cup of tea.

The fact was that I was short and my height was just 1.45 meters (4’9). People often said that it was hard for me to get married because of such reason. My parents were worried about that. In my village, it is a shame for parents if their children have not “got married” when they reach the adult age.

Some days later, our relative took a new group of people to my house to see me for marriage proposal. Then, they left silently. In more than one year, there were so many people coming to my house for marriage proposal and then “turned down”. It was not because of my look but it was my shortness.

In the previous year’s Holi festival, I met a woman at the temple accidentally. She said that her family is living in New Dehli Capital. On that Holi occasion, she got back to Raikot to visit Krishna. After I told her about my life story, she let me know that her daughter had been “rejected” for marriage because of her shortness. After searching on the internet and finding NuBest Tall, she ordered it. After taking the supplement for a while, her daughter was getting good changes and then got married with a suitable man. She advised me to look for this supplement to improve my stature. According to her, appearance plays an important role in life and that any future mother in law will feel concerned about my shortness for the belief that this feature of mother does not promise to produce healthy grandchildren. Seeing my reluctancy, she expressed her enthusiasm and encouraged me to call my parents there so she could talk with them. As I could feel her honesty, I invited her to my house to meet my parents. After a long dicussion with this woman, my parents decided to buy NuBest Tall for me.

On the first days of taking the supplement, I ate more and slept more deeply. I also remembered to do what the woman advised before she left. Instead of going to market by motorbike, I walked or rode bicycle to improve my health. Half a year later, my new look surprised everyone around. And this makes me more positive and confident. Since then, I am committed to taking NuBest Tall.

More than a year later, the ones who used to reject me came to my house again and felt surprised about my “spectacular” changes. My relatives, friends, and neighbors kept asking me for my “secret ingredient”. I know that this healthy growth supplement is something new to them. However, I am sure to help them know of NuBest Tall. Then, everyone around them who are experiencing the same situation will turn to NuBest Tall for a powerful formula to improve their bone growth as well as their overall health.

Now I am very happy to choose the right man from all the suitors. Finally, my wedding took place in the good regards and wishes of everyone.

I would like to express my gratitude to NuBest Tall for changing my life! (Anita Modi - Raikot - India).

(*) We assure that this article is based on the real-life results from our customers. We do not have any intention of creating any misleading information but respect the way our customers expressed their opinions.