NuBest Tall Protein, Chocolate Shake for Ages 2+, 15 servings - Pack of 6

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NuBest Tall Powder delivers an excellent source of protein, Omega 3-6-9, probiotics, plus vitamins D3 & K2, perfect for picky eaters, lean children, and active kids and teens. Our nutrient-dense formula with less sugar comes in a yummy chocolate flavor they will love. Enjoy it as an instant energy boost, an on-the-go meal, or a lunch box beverage. Mix well with milk, yogurt, smoothies, or any drinks. Grow strong with one shake daily. One and done!*
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Bone Growth*
Brain, Eyes & Digestion*
Growth & Development*
Right nutrients can speed up children’s growth and development. NuBest Tall Protein is expertly made with what they need for proper growth and active lifestyles. Each serving contains 10g protein for energy and muscles, 1 billion CFU probiotics for healthy digestion, Omega 3-6-9 (from flaxseed) for eyes and brain functions, vitamins A, B, C & E for immunity, plus K2 + D3, Magnesium, Zinc, and amino acids for bone growth and body development. All in one complete formula parents feel good about.*
Nature-based. Simply delicious!
Protein is essential for children's growth and development. During periods of growth, such as childhood and adolescence, adequate protein intake supports the formation of new muscle tissue, helping children grow properly. Each serving contains 10g of protein for energy and body growth, helping active kids and teens feel energized all day long. Amino acids L-Arginine and L-Taurine aid in protein synthesis, and combine with a wide range of growth nutrients to help fulfill any nutritional gaps. Just kickstart their day with our wholesome nutrition. Making a healthy choice has never been so easy and tastes so good. Shake it up today, grow tomorrow!*
NuBest Tall features Plant Calcium and Magnesium from AquaminTM , a highly bioactive mineral source from Marine Algae with advanced absorption. Blended with Potassium, Phosphorus, Copper, and Zinc - all support strong, healthy bones and enhanced bone mineral density. Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 help the body absorb the calcium more properly in the body. Adequate protein intake, along with bone-nourishing nutrients support optimal bone development, density, and strength, reducing the risk of fractures and promoting overall skeletal health.*
A healthy gut helps kids and teens get a strong immune system, protecting them from outside invaders. Bacillus subtilis DE111® is a probiotic strain that offers multiple benefits beyond just supporting digestive health. It has been shown to support immune function by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, which can also help modulate the immune response. The powder is jam-packed with vitamins A, B, C & E, Zinc, and Magnesium for healthy immune system and overall well-being.*
Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for brain development and function throughout all stages of life. Unfortunately, our bodies cannot produce omega fatty acids, and it’s hard to meet the daily requirement from food. Combined with vitamin A, vegan Omega-3 from flaxseed supports healthy eyesight, reduces the risk of vision problems, and enhances heart health, brain development, memory, and concentration.*
NuBest Tall Protein comes in easy and convenient servings with tasty chocolate flavor - ideal for breakfast, after school, or at any time to jump-start your children’s nutrition. Just add a single scoop to water, milk, smoothies, yogurt, or any beverage, shake well and enjoy.*
The growing body absorbs the nutrients in the nutritional powder. It's crucial to take the supplement every day with the recommended dose.*
Monitor your growth progress every month and continue to follow a healthy lifestyle. To maximize bone growth, immunity, energy levels, and overall health, take the shake daily alongside a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep.*
Keep taking the protein powder to maintain the effects and achieve better results. Consistent use throughout the growing years until the end of puberty may amplify the benefits, and support optimal growth and development.*
*Results may vary from person to person.
Give kids and teens a wholesome kickstart with a non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and wheat-free protein shake. Our powder is proudly made in the USA, researched and developed by Nutritionists, and made in an FDA-registered facility certified by GMP for high-quality control. *
An important building block of forming and repairing cells and tissues, providing a longer-lasting energy source. It also helps maintain muscle mass and promote muscle growth.*
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Build a healthy balance of gut bacteria to support overall digestive and immune health.*
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Promotes the duplication of cells at the growth plates in bones to make bones grow longer and thicker.*
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An optimal balance of essential fatty acids that maintains the health of the cardiovascular system, brain, and eyes.*
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Derived from Aquamin™ Marine Algae, this mineral is vital for maintaining and building strong and healthy bones.*
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Aids in metabolizing calcium and adjusting how it is used in the body. Also comes from Marine Algae in a bioactive form, allowing the body to absorb calcium easily.*
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Protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Choline, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Chloride, Sodium, Potassium, Organic Flax Seed Powder, L-Taurine, Inositol Hexanicotinate, L-Arginine, Bacillus subtilis DE111® Complex (1 Billion CFU) (Probiotic), Eucommia Bark Extract, Vitamin K, Whey Protein Concentrate, Chocolate Bean Powder Processed with Alkali, Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar, Milk Protein Concentrate, Guar Gum Powder, Natural Flavor, Potassium Chloride, Silicon Dioxide, Rebaudioside A (from Stevia Leaf Extract), Sucralose.
Ages 2-3: Take 1/2 scoop daily
Ages 4+ & teens: Take 1 scoop daily
Combine the powder with 6-8oz of water, milk, or smoothies. Shake thoroughly with a shaker bottle. Adjust the amount of water as needed to achieve your preferred thickness. Once blended, refrigerate any shake leftover and consume it within 24 hours. Once opened, reseal the powdered shake mix and keep it in a cool, dry place.
NuBest Tall Protein Powder contains whey protein concentrate and milk protein concentrate.
Our nutritional powder supports healthy bone growth, digestion, energy, immunity, and development in children ages 2+ and teens.*
The powder is designed for picky eaters, active kids and teens.*
We want to limit the amount of sugar per serving to just what is needed to make a yummy and healthy shake. NuBest Tall Protein contains 2g of sugar per serving.
NuBest Tall Protein contains milk-based ingredients, so it is not suggested for those with a dairy allergy. It does not contain soy, grain, wheat, GMO, and gluten.
NuBest Tall Protein formula is versatile, so it is mixed well with a milkshake, yogurt, smoothies, and other beverages to create yummy breakfasts, healthy snacks, and special treats.
We highly recommend consulting with your pediatrician about using multivitamins while taking NuBest Tall Protein to avoid an overdose of vitamins and minerals.
This product should be stored in its original container with the closure tightly closed, in a cool and dry place away from extreme heat.
The main differences between the two flavors are as follows:
  • Chocolate flavor: For kids 2+ and teens.
  • Vanilla flavor: For kids 4+ and teens, especially vegans.
  • Chocolate flavor: 15 servings.
  • Vanilla flavor: 10 vegan servings.
Protein Source:
  • Chocolate flavor: Protein from whey and milk.
  • Vanilla flavor: Vegan protein from peas and organic brown rice.
Amount of other ingredients:
  • Chocolate flavor: The amount of Iron and Sodium are higher.
  • Vanilla flavor: The amount of Potassium is higher.
While some brands might advise using their protein supplements in cooking or baking, we don't recommend adding NuBest Tall Protein to baked dishes. This is because vitamins A, B, C, and essential minerals like Calcium are heat-sensitive. When exposed to temperatures above 212°F, they can lose their effectiveness. Instead of baking, try adding our protein to energy bites, overnight oats, no-bake cake pops, cheesecake cups, and more. Check out our RECIPES for inspiration!
If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied. That's why we provide either a free exchange of products or a refund for customers if they have any unpleasant experiences caused by the products. For the details, please click here.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Johanna R.
High quality protein

I appreciate the added vitamins and minerals. It's reassuring to know my kids will get the nutrients they need.

Samuel R.
Full of goodness

It is a powerhouse of nutrients. I appreciate that it's packed with essential vitamins, minerals, probiotics, protein, and more to support my kids' overall health and body development.

Alex R.
Good for active teens

My son is involved in sports, and this protein powder has become a staple in their diet. It supports muscle growth and provides them with the energy they need for their activities. The only downside is the price, but the quality makes it worth it.

Michelle C.
I did not think this powder is bad

Not easy to get a clear answer from my 3-year-old daughter, though I can tell that she did not refuse it. The price is quite affordable for only 1/2 scoop.

Karla G.
Great option!

My boys don't like capsules. This is such a great option!

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