Doctor Taller, 60 Vegan Capsules, Innovative Height Increase Boost, For Children (8+) and Teenagers, Packed With Vitamins, Minerals, Proprietary Herbal Blend & Essential Amino Acids

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Premium height supplement for children and teenagers: Doctor Taller contains  vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, fortified with precious herbs to support children and teenagers to grow taller and healthier!

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Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6: Doctor Taller delivers an optimal amount of vitamins vital to bone growth and height gain, researched and calculated by NuBest Labs for enhanced absorption and efficiency. Vitamin D3 has a significant role to play in calcium absorption of the body, thereby aiding in building strong and healthy bones. Plus, vitamin K2 can increase bone mineral density, making bones grow properly and reach the desired length. Doctor Taller is also enriched with vitamins B1 and B6 that support healthy brain functions of children and teenagers.
Calcium and Zinc: Doctor Taller nourishes your growing bones with fuel needed to grow - Calcium and Zinc - the key building blocks of the bones. Our minerals are prepared with an optimal amount, so they don’t cause excess or accumulation in the body when taken for a long time. Calcium with 200mg/ capsule is proper for bone lengthening as well as overall health. Zinc assists the body in cell growth by boosting cells to grow and multiply. Plus, Zinc can empower the immune system, and therefore speeding up the height gain.
Proprietary Herbal Blend: Doctor Taller contains precious herbs carefully tested and chosen to promote height increase. Our herbal ingredients work harmoniously to enhance immune system and general health, supporting children and teenagers to stay healthy during their years of growth. Especially, our herbs can activate the pituitary gland, an important organ located in the base of the brain, to regulate healthy bone growth and body development.
Essential Amino Acids (EAA): Human height is significantly affected by the pituitary gland, which controls the bone growth and muscle strength. Supplementing with amino acids like L-Arginine, L-Ornithine and L-Lysine can trigger your pituitary gland to activate cartilage growth and skeleton development. These amino acids are classified into L- and D- forms, but Doctor Taller is packed with amino acids in L- forms for enhanced absorption and functions. Our amino acid blend is plant-based and calculated with a suitable amount to ensure efficiency.
Quality you can trust: Proudly made in the USA in an FDA-registered facility with the cutting edge of manufacturing quality, Doctor Taller has been recognized by USDA Organic, cGMP and HACCP. Doctor Taller is registered for intellectual property with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, registration number 6186383. Our product is vegan- friendly, non-GMO and gluten-free. Just the goodness for you to grow up strong and stay healthy!
Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. That’s why we’ll happily refund to people aged under 18 after taking the product at least 6 consecutive months without any changes in height.

Doctor Taller uniquely combines the integrative principles of Eastern & Western practices to deliver distinctive features in one capsule.


Supports strong & healthy bone growth: Optimal bone growth starts with proper nutrition. However, most children and teens don’t get enough essentials from foods, even with the healthiest diets. Food allergy, malabsorption, poor diets or picky eating habits can result in slow growth rates and a stunted height. Doctor Taller provides your growing bones with a huge punch of key nutrients to promote calcium absorption and bone development, including Calcium, Zinc and vitamins D, K and B.

Empowers immune system & overall health: Children and teenagers can grow far better if they have good health. Loaded with essential amino acids and precious herbs, Doctor Taller can make the pituitary gland work properly to regulate healthy bone growth, while enhancing body resistance and overall health. Therefore, Doctor Taller not only accelerates height but also supports you to stay healthy.

Paul Ortner - Nutritionist

First 30 days: Your body begins to adapt and absorb the nutritional punch in Doctor Taller. It should be noted that this period has a huge impact on boosting up your height in the next periods. During this time, lots of consumers felt healthier and slept more soundly thanks to Doctor Taller.

2-6 months: This is the period Doctor Taller starts having effects. Doctor Taller will fuel your bones with a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, precious herbs and essential amino acid blend to grow strong while empowering your immune system and overall health, thus triggering height gain. Your height will start to grow more during this and the next period. But how to obtain the best results with our capsules? Just follow a healthier diet, exercise frequently and sleep properly.

6 months+: As reported, taking Doctor Taller during years of growth can add 3-4 inches (10-15%) to your final adult height. Nevertheless, you may not grow taller if your growth plates are closed early or you have some illnesses.
1. Does Doctor Taller work? Yes, it works. Doctor Taller is designed with premium ingredients to boost height safely and effectively. It works for children (8+) and teenagers whose growth plates are still open.
2. Can Doctor Taller be used for vegetarians? Yes. Doctor Taller can work properly for vegetarians, dieters, as well as kosher and halal eaters.
3. Is Doctor Taller safe? Yes. Our ingredient choices – what we include and what we don’t – are all made based on what you really need. Doctor Taller delivers exceptional quality ingredients from the goodness of nature. Our capsules are free of soy, dairy, eggs, gelatin, gluten, yeast, corn, wheat, peanuts, binders, preservatives, additives and fillers.
4. Why choose Doctor Taller? Doctor Taller is made in the USA in an FDA-registered facility and recognized by USDA Organic, cGMP and HACCP. Doctor Taller is vegan-friendly, non-GMO and gluten-free.
5. How should I use Doctor Taller to get the results? For the desired results, you should take our products regularly paired with exercising frequently, having well-balanced diet and getting enough sleep.

Ingredients: Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol), Thiamin (Vitamin B1; as Thiamin HCI), Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCI), Vitamin K2 [as MK-7 (Menaquinone-7)], Calcium (as Calcium Carbonate), Zinc (as Citrate), Wolfiporia extensa Extract (Mycelium), Eucommia ulmoides (Bark), Leonurus cardiaca (Aerial Parts), Szechuan Lovage (Rhizome) (Ligusticum striatum), Solomon's Seal (Rhizome), L-Arginine (as L-Arginine HCI), L-Ornithine (as L-Ornithine HCI), L-Lysine (as L-Lysine HCI), and Vegetable Cellulose Capsules.


+ Should be used daily as a dietary supplement for children (8+) and teenagers.

+ Take one (1) capsule twice daily during or after meals.

+ Capsules may be opened and powder added to your food or drink.

+ Doctor Taller can also work for vegetarians, dieters, as well as kosher and halal eaters.

Indications: Boosts height increase - Supports bone growth – Strengthens bone health – Enhances overall health. For desired results, Doctor Taller should be used alongside a healthy diet, regular exercise and enough sleep (before 10:00 PM).

Safety Information: Always consult with your healthcare provider before starting any supplement.
*The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.
* Results may vary from person to person.
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Verified Buyer
May 5, 2021
Superior ingredients
I found doctor taller has amino acid which is a rare component in height growth product. Moreover, it contains herbs with excellent benefits. After a couple of bottles, I found a big difference; that is, I got 3 inches. OMG. Can't wait to use more to grow higher and higher.
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Verified Buyer
May 4, 2021
1 inch 3 months
My 15-year-old daughter is always concerned about her short stature though she has been getting enough sleep as well as a good diet. So, when my friend asked me to try Doctor Taller, I did. She was 60 inches when she started and get nothing after one month. But she has grown about an inch 3 months later and she is now 61 inches. The good thing is that she has grown very strong, so we're going to continue with this.
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Verified Buyer
May 2, 2021
I don't see any side effect
There are no side effects after my first bottle. Safe and good product, I mean. Keep using.
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Tina Wilson
Verified Buyer
Apr 28, 2021
Got this to boost height for child - results: 2.5 inches growth
I'm this close ? to giving up on purchasing height boosters bc none of them worked for my sweet child. Not until I bought Doctor Taller after reading some positive reviews online. Figured I might try it as the last product but somehow it works. I meant IT MAGICALLY WORKS. How do I know? Obviously by measuring my child's height, which increased by 0.5 inches within 1 month. I was like BOOM...MIND BLOWN...then I keep purchasing for my sweet boy, and after the recommended combo of 6 bottles, his height booster by 2.5 inches. I know it's not cheap but you could save a lot by buying in combos or packs. Welldone team, this family is grateful ?
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Verified Buyer
Apr 26, 2021
FAv product
ANyone needs height growth supplement, I'd recommend them this Doctor Taller, it has vitamin d, vitamin k, calcium, zinc, herbs and amino acids, they all beneficial for height growth. I bought it for my twin sons and they're growing really good. My sister was so impressed so I told her about this product and she bought it for her kid too. It works great, specially if your child is a kid or teen, as in the case of my sons and my sister's child.
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Rakessh sharma
Verified Buyer
Apr 25, 2021
Doctor taller is a good product
Doctor taller is a good product for grow taller i like it i like this product for grow taller a lot
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Verified Buyer
Apr 22, 2021
everyone should buy this
it's an amazing flavor very useful very nice product. the taste is acceptable. the nutrients are a lot. more importantly, it helped me increase height
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Peter Parker
Verified Buyer
Apr 20, 2021
Quality is good
I like this height supplement a lot #goodquality #heightincrease #easytodigest
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David Holmer
Verified Buyer
Apr 18, 2021
That feeling when your son is finally taller than his younger sister
My eldest son is 13 years old but he's considerably shorter than his younger sister who's 11 years old and this affects his confidence and self-esteem a lot. He's also got bullied not physically but mentally a few times because of this. I didn't know how it happens, like we raise them in the same house, feed them the same foods and all but somehow he's not growing as well as his sister. We took him to a pediatrician and realized maybe he's experiencing slow growth due to his picky eating unlike his sister. So we got recommended that he takes some vitamin supplements. That's how our journey with Doctor Taller begins. This review is written after 6 months of continuous use as suggested by the company, and guess what - my son gets taller by 3 inches. Now he's so happy, so confident, and smiles more. He's taller than not only his sister but many of his classmates as well. He's going through puberty and we're expecting some growth spurt soon. Hopefully with Doctor Taller, his height growth will be boosted even more.
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Yes. Doctor Taller works for children (8+) and teenagers so it can work for 13 years old boy.


Thanks for your question. Doctor Taller is specially added with Essential Amino Acids (EAA)  to support you to speed up your height. They are nutrients beneficial to height gain but your body can't make it by itself. Supplementing with amino acids like L-Arginine, L-Ornithine and L-Lysine can activate your pituitary gland, a pea-sized organ located in the base of your brain, to boost your bone growth and body development. These amino acids are classified into L- and D- forms, but Doctor Taller is packed with amino acids in L- forms for enhanced absorption and functions. Our amino acid blend is plant-based and calculated with a suitable amount to ensure efficiency.


Yes. Doctor Taller can work properly for non-vegetarians, vegetarians, dieters, as well as kosher and halal eaters.