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Collagen NuBest - Skin Beauty Formula - Promotes Healthy Skin, Hair & Nails - 90 Capsules

  • 663 reviews
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$43.00 (USD) ($0.48 / Count) | In Stock
Product ID: 272708 - 90 Count Bottle (30 Servings)

Nourish your skin from within: Feel radiant and beautiful skin with Collagen NuBest, a beauty supplement designed to regain your youthful look from the inside out.

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Promotes Youthful Skin: As you age, your skin produces less collagen - roughly 1% each year. A daily consumption of Collagen NuBest can fortify your skin to increase the elasticity and moisture, thereby promoting healthy and beautiful skin.
Supports Healthy Hair & Nails: Collagen is the building block of your hair and nails, so collagen loss may cause brittle hair, hair loss, weak nails or splitting nails. Just feel a younger and prettier you with our collagen essence, a powerful boost for your voluminous hair and strong nails.
Bone Health Support: Collagen is the glue that holds the entire body together, including bones. Our Collagen Hydrolysate promotes healthy bones for your active life.
High-quality Collagen: Collagen NuBest is proudly made in the USA under strict control procedures and certified by cGMP and HACCP to ensure high quality. Our capsules are natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free.
Money-back guarantee: We provide either a free exchange of products or a refund for customers if they have any unpleasant experiences caused by the products. For the details, please click here.

Collagen – an essential nutrient for your healthy and beautiful skin: Collagen is an important protein found in connective tissues throughout the body, from skin to hair, nails, bones and joints. It’s collagen that gives our skin elasticity, moisture and strength. As we age, the collagen production begins to decline (roughly 1% each year).

What’s more, pollution and harsh weather may also speed up the collagen breakdown in our bodies. However, it’s hard to get enough collagen from the foods we eat. Without adequate amounts of collagen, our bodies cannot replenish the lost collagen, resulting in the rapid degradation of our skin, hair and nails.

Revitalize your beauty with Collagen NuBest: Collagen NuBest is an affordable and convenient boost for your body to regain its youthful look, and support healthy growth of hair and nails. With Collagen NuBest, just look and feel your best every day!

NuBest, Inc.

Our product features Collagen Hydrolysate, which means our collagen is broken down into more easily dissolvable amino acids – shorter chains of protein, making it absorbed easily and rapidly. So you can take great benefits from our essence.

Collagen NuBest just delivers what you need and nothing you don’t. Our capsules are natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Manufactured in an FDA-registered facility, Collagen NuBest is cGMP and HACCP-certified to ensure high quality.
1. Does Collagen NuBest work? Yes, it does. Our product supports beautiful skin, healthy hair and nails, and bone health.
2. Is Collagen NuBest safe? Collagen NuBest is used for all skin types. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking other medications, please consult your doctor before using.
3. What source of collagen is used? Our collagen is sourced from bovine.
4. How long should I use the product? You have to use the product for at least 3 months to see the result.
5. How long do the results last? The results will last as long as you take the supplement. Therefore, after getting the desired result, you should maintain taking 1 capsule per day to preserve the effect.

Ingredients: Collagen Hydrolysate (sourced from bovine), Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate and gelatin capsules.

Directions: Take three (3) capsules daily after meals. Should be used daily as a dietary supplement.

Indications: Supports Beautiful Skin - Promotes Healthy Hair & Nails

Safety Information: Always consult with your doctor before starting any supplements.
* The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Results may vary from person to person.
Amanda Silva review about NuBest
"This product mainly contains collagen - the key ingredient to boost my skin and my voluminous hair a new level. And after taking it for months, I started recognizing that my skin is firmer and more elastic while my hair is a lot of stronger and growing faster than I expected."
Amanda Silva - Utah, USA
Damiana Landen review about NuBest
"This supplement truly glows my skin and reduces fine lines surrounding my eyes. I worried about my thin and weak hair because I lost lots of hair whenever combing or shampooing. How miserable! But now, my hair seems to be growing healthier and stronger. I love the fact that Collagen NuBest is all natural, especially for a natural lover like me."
Damiana Landen - Texas, USA
Haley review about NuBest
"The first good news is that my skin is starting to get shinier and healthier, I even feel like it’s smoother than before. Very happy with the excellent effects that this product gives to me and I absolutely reorder it and recommend it to anyone who asks about my changes."
Haley - California, USA
663 reviews
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Arnaud Lr
Verified Buyer
Sep 22, 2021
Will keep taking it
Purchase Collagen Nubest for 2 reasons: promote skin texture and reduce hair loss cause Im 40 and find loss of skin tonus. About 3 months and I truly see good improvements in my skin texture and hair growth.
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Emily Luger
Verified Buyer
Sep 18, 2021
Very good
Ordered 1 year and see lots of remarkable changes in skin and hair. Skin smoother and lighter while hair longer and thicker. Did not pay attention too much to pain relief but now I think it support my joint pain.
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Luisa Larsen
Verified Buyer
Sep 14, 2021
Reordering today.
I would say I have a healthy lifestyle and diet before trying this product but even so, I'm not sure I absorb enough collagen from foods alone so I figure it wouldn't hurt to try. Now my skin is tighter, smoother and softer, and there are areas that look ten years younger. Seriously. Beyond that, I haven’t had any nail peeling and my nails are growing stronger and faster. I am reording today.
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Verified Buyer
Sep 13, 2021
Best deal for me
Best formula and most affordable collagen, I took 3 pills daily with lots of water and just a short time, I did NOTICE a nice glow. I also love this blend since it only has collagen without artificial things. Overall, I will buy again and recommend to my friends.
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Gordon Whitehead
Verified Buyer
Sep 11, 2021
I’ve been using Collagen NuBest for a year and a half and I like it. My mother used to always tell me I looked tired, since taking this it has improved. I purchased it more for hair, but the skin and nails are a bonus.
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Blanche James
Verified Buyer
Sep 10, 2021
Supplement collagen
I had doubt at first, but turning 30 a couple of months ago, I started to feel my skin is slowly losing its youthful look...So I did some research online and found this, and I love it! My skin is tightening and more smooth. It's been months and I'll keep using as long as possible
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Sophia-Rose Pope
Verified Buyer
Sep 7, 2021
It slowed the aging process significantly and my hair started growing quickly! I recommend you pair it with clean living and eating for the best results. I can’t say anything on joint pain relief as I didn’t have any in the first place. In short it works effectively as it advertises!
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Verified Buyer
Sep 4, 2021
More effective than powders
I tried this stuff cause I hope capsules would be easier to add to my diet after trying various kinds of powders and get nothing. TBH, it good. Just done the first bottle and I felt my skin not dry out more when I washing. Also, no more stinging and cracks on my knuckles.
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Greta Lin
Verified Buyer
Sep 3, 2021
Using for 9 months
Began using this 9 months ago due to dry skin and all the supposed benefits of collagen. It's been working out really well, my wrinkles are diminished and my skin is soft and supple. My skin overall also seems a lot healthier. Remember, you should use these for a few months in order to truly enjoy the benefits.
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My face starts losing it tone though I'm just 36, does this supplement help bring back my youthful look? I truly need your advice


I feel like we all at the peak of our beauty in our 20s and then we hit 30s which ages us tremendously if not horribly. It's largely due to environmental damage that breaks down collagen (oops I didn't mean to sound like an expert). We need collagen, some even call it the fountain of youth as this single protein keeps our youthful looks and strength. So at 36 you can start taking this collagen supplement to make up for the lost collagen in your body and remain young looking. I have been using this for years after noticing the first sign of aging and I look younger than ever.

By Hattie on July 3, 2021

I began using these collagen capsules in my late 30s to lessen the wrinkling and sagging skin. It does help with that alot. Besides it also supports my joint health as I don't hear the crackling sound between my joints when I get out of bed in the morning anymore

By Sanford on July 6, 2021

How do you take them? Do you do anything else to get the good results?


drink 3 pills a day and this bottle will cover one month and a half

By Lowry I. on May 6, 2021

Take 3 every day and make sure to have a healthy diet with more greens on your dish. Always put on sun cream when going outside and wash your face after coming back home.

By Maia Keenan on July 4, 2021

Is this or collagen powder most effective? which is better


This capsule kind should be more convenient, like you just pop one in your mouth and swallow, no need to make different kinds of drinks or foods to add collagen powders to, it saves a lot of time for busy people like me

By Tyreke Crane on May 22, 2021

yeah I agree, I like the capsule form better.

By june on June 19, 2021

does it contain only collagen, is there any vitamins or herbs or other antioxidants


Only hydrolyzed collagen but it's good enough to support your youthful look and health

By Lovisa on March 3, 2021

You only need collagen to maintain elastic and bloom skin as well as other joint or hair benefits. Like other collagen powders, they also use single-ingredient formula

By Saga Jonsson on March 31, 2021

has anyone noticed improvement on joints or bones, lots of reviews just talk about skin's elasticity and hair's growth


Yes, it does. My back never get hurt after exercising.

By Wooten on May 9, 2021

I got stronger joint health too. But what strikes me most is the nail benefits. My nails used to break so easily, I didn't notice it at first but after taking these, they are so strong. My fav nail artist is so impressed with such improvement, even asked me how I did it

By Lily-Mae Paterson on July 20, 2021

im using powder collagen yet not enjoyable, i gonna change to capsules and find this stuff, is it good as advertised


I prefer pills cause they convenient, you just take 1 pill out of bottle and take it with water or any drink you like. I think it easy to absorb than powder. I been taking about 4 months and I do see my skin has changed.

By Günther Schubert on August 11, 2021

Can it help with sagging skin, asking for a friend


it does, bought for my aunt who is 44 she highly appreciates this it helps tone her face keep all the saggy skin together, makes it firm and elastic

By McLaughlin on June 22, 2021

Take the collagen supplement asap, and if you are 36, it's a perfect time. I didnt care about it when I was 30s, and until 40s, I started using it. Although a bit late, but this product truly helps me skin alot, even I dont feel hurt on my back whenever doing some difficult yoga poses. All good, just give it a try and you never regret it.

By BK on July 5, 2021

Which is better - collagen nubest or nubest white?


OMG NuBest White, it's like a hot pot of skin-nourishing ingredients or sth

By Kertzmann on June 8, 2021

Well indeed, the white thing also has vitamin C and vitamin E , but I'm a fan of Collagen nubest so I will still stick with it, no one can change my mind, I've used it for 2 years, I owe my beautiful skin to this product

By Ashley Jenkins on June 22, 2021

I choose Collagen Nubest because my hair, my nails, and my skin need to absorb collagen

By Ziemann on July 9, 2021

will i eat more if i take this stuff? only wanna help skin, not my weight


to my exp, i don't gain weight with this product. so don't worry

By zahara on May 25, 2021

nope, been taking for months with no bad effects

By Carney on June 2, 2021

Im taking for a while and results are so good. I gonna stop it but wonder whether my hair is falling out or not.


If u stop temporarily, it doesn't matter because your body has absorbed the certain amount of collagen to support your hair. But in case you gonna stop forever, I'm not sure.

By Armstrong on July 2, 2021

I been taking it for a whole year and I don't want to stop coz the effects are great on my hair, my skin, and my nails.

By Hupert on July 9, 2021

u will be ugly when u stop using it, be careful lol

By Welsch on July 16, 2021

Maybe you will cuz then you're body will lack collagen again and you know the hair has nothing to stick to your head

By Jack on July 19, 2021

will this stuff help with my wrinkles and joints ache? i want to be beautiful and strong


It does help with that for you, my joints used to hurt when I climb the stairs but that got better and stopped after I take Collagen from NuBest

By Britt-Mari on March 17, 2021

I can confirm that, the fine line and wrinkles around my eyes were lessened; the skin is more elastic than before, and bones feel stronger

By Forsberg on March 25, 2021

Does this stuff only support skin?


bought it for my mom, she loves it so much. Not only does it improve her skin's texture but also help her joint. She doesn't complain her ache since she took this

By Medrano on May 16, 2021

My skin looks better while my hair and nails grow stronger, best collagen ever

By Rickie on June 15, 2021

since collagen is the main component in this product, it does help my body alot. I feel better, no more hurt after exercising, and importantly, i look more beautiful because my skin is brighter while my hair is longer. so happy

By Marilou on July 14, 2021

first time use collagen, is it helpful?


As long as you took it regularly, I believe you soon see great improvements on not only your skin but also your hair and nails.

By Schinner on July 9, 2021

Just okay on my skin, not my joints because I feel a bit aching after doing some workouts

By Marilie on July 10, 2021

im quite confused coz both Nubest White and Collagen seems to be similar? which one should i buy to improve my skin


NuBest white is for those who wants brighter skin: it has glutathion, milk thistle and stuff. Collagen on the other hand is for those who is lacking collagen and needs supplementation.

By Gerhold on July 6, 2021

In simpler terms, if you want fairer skin go for the former; if you want to fight those aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles and bird feet go for the latter

By Collier on July 17, 2021

But I heard NuBest White also can prevent aging skin?!!?!

By Leslie Roob on July 20, 2021

does it help my saggy skin


sorry, i cannt help bc i just take it for 1 month.

By jessie donald on June 30, 2021

I just took these collagen pills, how soon can i expect good effects?


from my experience it's around 2-3 months

By Orie on July 5, 2021

Oh that's quite long isn't it? I prefer sth that works faster!

By Mayer V on July 14, 2021

I think it's natural that it takes quite a while for the collagen to get into our system and works it magic, just like any other supplements, you can't feel a thing after 1 or 2 days. And this logic applies to creams as well if that's what you're looking for.

By Towne on July 17, 2021

do you ship to Australia? many thanks


it shipped internationally, so yes

By ciara on June 10, 2021

Is this better than Nubest plus if I have to choose?


Depends on what benefits you're looking for. I had tried 2 of them and my advice is that if you want elastic and young-looking skin, good hair, good nails, and strong bones, Collagen nubest is the better choice. But if you want bright and beautiful skin, you can try Nubest plus, it's also cheaper

By Anna on January 18, 2021

nubest plus also has collagen

By Elisabet on January 27, 2021

Does it really work, I tried for a week and saw nothing


Yes my mom and I were both taking Nubest Collagen and it is working effectively for us. We feel healthier and look younger, my mom loves her taut skin while I love my growing hair. We both take it every day and before we know it, our bodies are revitalizing themselves.

By Veda Schoen on July 1, 2021

If you're not willing to use it consistently my advice for you is you shouldn't use any supplements, they simply just don't work like that

By Koss on July 12, 2021

Will this product boost the growth of my hair? I always wished long and strong hair.


After taking it a couple of month, I recognized my hair and nails have some good improvements. So, I think you soon get long hair as you wish with Collagen Nubest

By Armani on July 3, 2021

It sounds great, I always wanna this. I'll order it.

By Hackett on July 14, 2021

What are the benefits of this product>


good for skin, of course. ah, my hair grows strong since i took this collagen

By Pernilla on February 9, 2021

Is it gluten-free?


yes it's gluten-free and natural. safe to use for a long time

By Eklund on February 9, 2021
NuBest (#nubest), pronounced as “Nu-Best”, is a premium supplement company specializing in health and beauty products. With customers in 118 countries around the world, NuBest® is a trusted brand of high-quality, natural supplements that can improve your energy, health and well-being.
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